DIY Homebrew SteadyCam

Introduction: DIY Homebrew SteadyCam

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How to make a SteadyCam st home for about 5 dollars that is just as effective as those that cost hundreds!



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    You might consider using sand instead of concrete; its easier to work with and you don't have to buy a bag of concrete mix, just visit a nearby playground. If you want to experiment, try filling the weight part about 2/3 of the way and then add more sand if needed.

    Please note that concrete should be mixed with as little water as necessary to make it flow. Concrete dries by a chemical reaction with water, so the less you use, the faster it will dry and the stronger it will be (although strength doesn't matter here).

    I concur with the earlier comments, the video was very nicely done. Thanks for doing it.

    I made a cheap Tiffen Merlin inspired thing:


    Yes, you hold the rig just below the camera mount and the counter-weight smooths out the bumps created by walking while filming. For walking and similar motions, it is just as effective as the pro models but costs hundreds to thousands less.

    Rip. RIP! this is just a different shape of the project already put up by John Lee. Please check to make sure that the instructibles you are putting up are not ones already done. And please encourage others to check theirs as well. This follows the lines of putting in a link when one makes an update or mod to another instructable. Play nice.

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    I did search for steadycam projects here and didn't come up with anything of this design. Thats why i posted it here. I searched for John Lee and only came up with a rig where you can get an interviewer and subject in the same shot, nothing about camera stabilization. Could you post the link to the project you're talking about? If I'm duplicating, I'll remove but I feel I was playing nice.

    Yeah I am sorry about that. I am willing to admit that I am wrong. He did make the poorman steadycam but it is not on this site. You have full right to post this. I congradulate you on making a worthwhile instructional video as well. Most of the video instructables made are absolute rubbish. You actually made something good.

    $14 Steadycam The Poor Mans Steadycam

    But this project is very different from Johnny's version. enough to merit a separate instructable/video. The pipes are PVC not galvanized steel. He uses cement as a counterbalance not a barbell weight and he's missing the horizontal stabilizing bar. I see no need for you to remove this.

    BTW good job

    nice, great for anyone wanting to do some home movie etc,

    Cool! I prefer Instructables over videos/ Slideshows, but this is still cool.