DIY Homopolar Motor (Make Battery Spin)

In this tutorial, you will be able to make a homopolar motor and let your battery spin until the energy runs out!

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Step 1: DIY Homopolar Motor (Make Battery Spin!!)

You will need about 10.5 inches of copper wire, one neodymium magnet (rare-earth magnet), and one AA Alkaline battery.

Step 2: First Step

First, place the magnet on the negative (-) side of the battery.

Step 3: Making the Homopolar Motor

To make to the motor, the copper wire can only touch the positive side of the battery, and the magnet. The copper wire cannot touch the ground or any other part of the magnet. First, coil the wire loose and extend the wire where it can touch both sides. As you do this, make adjustments to make it as loose as possible while it is still touching the magnet and the battery. Use the picture above as a guide.

Step 4: Spinning

After the last step keep experimenting and making adjustments, and your homopolar motor should work! Enjoy!

Click the video to watch the homopolar spin!

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    3 Discussions


    25 days ago

    This project is amazing. This was a cool experiment!


    26 days ago on Step 4

    Watch the video. The title is misleading. The battery doesn't spin, the coil of wire does, sort of.


    4 weeks ago on Step 4

    Click video to watch homopolar motor spin!