DIY: How to Make Your Own Oculus Rift

Introduction: DIY: How to Make Your Own Oculus Rift

I wanna share with you something that i post on my website, hope you find it useful.

How to make you own oculus rift

Yes! you are going to Make Your Own Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset (Actually is a google cardboard that use your smartphone motion sensor)

What we need?

  1. Your PC (quad core i5 or higher recommended)
  2. Your smartphone (gyroscope sensor recommended)
  3. Any affordable VR head mount (Google Cardboard)
  4. The Trinus VR apps

Step 1: Download De Trinus VR Client in Your Pc, Install and Open It.

Step 2: Download the Trinus VR App in to Your Smarthphone.

Step 3: Connect Your Smarthphone in Your Pc

Connect your smarthphone in your pc and enable thetering mode, this way is lagless and your phone will preserve battery energy.

Then open Trinus on your Smartphone and your PC.

Step 4: Play a Game on Your Pc

Play a game on your pc. Some games looks better in VR when its windowed and running on slow resolutions (800×600 o 1280 x 720) choose what works better for you.

Step 5: So Thats It, Enjoy Your New Cheap Oculus Rift.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Cool. It is really impressive how easy it is to make a 3d viewer.