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Introduction: DIY Industrial Barn Door

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How to make a chevron pattern barn door with metal banding.

Recently I had a client who was looking for a barn door but wanted something out of the ordinary. I had recently torn down a barn with a buddy of mine and had a lot of the siding left over, and instead of using it in standard applications like panelling. I thought this would be a great way to showcase the wood. The Door itself is actually part of a pair, as you can see from the photos below.

If you would like to attempt this project on your own, here are a few tools I recommend!
Metal Working Tools

Woodworking Tools

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Step 1: Cut Metal

Cut down your metal stock to reasonable sizes. The cut your miters to the size you want the door. Measure the interior dimensions of the C Channel for the door panels

Step 2: Cut Wooden Door Panels

Divide your interior door height into the number of panels you want. Using your choice of saw, cut your panel cores out of 1/4″ plywood

Step 3: Layout Door Style & Solid Wood for Panels

- Pick the pattern you want for your panels and trace them out onto the door panel cores.

- Layout your solid wood pieces onto the panels. Choose your orientation at this point. Its a good time to mark and rough cut your material down to size. You can clean up the edges once the panel is assembled using a track saw.

Step 4: Assemble Wood Panels

Using glue and brad nails, assemble your door panels. Set your fasteners on the edges of the boards to avoid visible nail heads. You’ll then flip over the panel when every board is attached and nail from the back.

Step 5: Fasten Back Slats

Cut all of your back slats to the width of the interior door panel. Use glue and brads to fasten tot he core. Keep tight seams and do your best to hide the nail heads.

Step 6: Weld Door Frame & Finish

once the interior or “core” is assembled. Weld the C Channel frame around the door. Tack weld each corner, then finish weld and grind out your welds on one side. Flip the door and repeat. Once assembled, sand your burn marks and finish your door with clear coat. Seal your metal with paste wax.

Step 7: Attach Hardware & Mount

Attach the hardware for the door according to manufacturers specifications, and do the same with the wall mount.

Step 8: Youre Done!

Thank you so much for checking out this project.

You can purchase a full plan for this build here

And if you want to check out more of my videos you can get those here!

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