DIY Kids Catapult

Introduction: DIY Kids Catapult

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This is an easy DIY catapult for kids, made out of wood sticks, cardboard and hot glue. In some minutes you can have some and have a little aim contest or war ;-)
See a video here:
Please note: depending of some parts (rubber band) this toy can cause harm. Handle it with care and always with adult supervision.

Step 1: Cut a Squared Cardboard Piece and Some Sticks for a Solid Platform...

Step 2: Add the Vertical and Horizontal Top Sticks to Stop the Launcher

Step 3: Finish With the Launcher Stick and the Projectile Holder. You Have a New Fully Functional Catapult. Enjoy!

Add a long stick in each side from front to back to add stability when loading and shooting.



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