DIY Lipstick - With Materials You Already Have!




Introduction: DIY Lipstick - With Materials You Already Have!

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This lipstick is very easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients!

It is super pigmented and has the look and feel of real lipstick. I came up with this recipe myself because I didn't have some of the materials (jojoba oil, coconut oil) that other DIY lipstick recipes called for. My inspiration for this lipstick came from a few youtubers and this instructable by besley -->


WARNING: I have contacted Crayola, and they said that their crayons do not contain any products that are harmful to the human body, but they strongly discourage making lipstick out of their crayons because the crayons have not been tested for use on skin. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Step 1: Materials


Crayola Crayons (other crayons should work too)


Olive oil (optional)

Step 2: Put the Whole Chapstick (out of Its Case) and About 3/4 of a Crayon Into a Measuring Cup. You Can Mix Colors of Crayon If Desired.

I used a red crayon for the lipstick, but you could use any color.

Step 3: Melt in Microwave for 2.5 Mintues, or Until Melted. WARNING ~ It Is Much Safer to Heat the Wax in a Double Boiler! Using the Microwave Might Result in Setting Fire to Your Kitchen (if You Overheat the Wax)

Make sure you don't melt it too long or the wax could combust.

Step 4: Add About One Spoonful of Vanilla to the Melted Lipstick.

Step 5: (Optional) Fill the Chapstick Cap With Olive Oil and Put It in the Melted Lipstick. This Makes the Lipstick Smoother.

Step 6: Stir With a Fork. Don't Use a Spoon Because the Wax Would Stick to It to Easily.

I would recommend using a plastic fork so that you can throw it away easily. I forgot, and it was hard to get the wax off of the metal fork.

Step 7: Pour the Lipstick Into the Chapstick Container.

Step 8: Let It Cool.

Step 9: Wax Contracts When It Cools, So You Will Have a Dent in Your Lipstick. Put a Drop of Extra Wax Onto the Top to Fill the Space.

Step 10: Finished Look of the Lipstick!

Step 11: (Optional) Peel Off the Chapstick Label and Glue on the Crayola Label That Was on the Crayon.

Step 12: Vote for Me in the Contests! :)

Please post pictures and comment on how the lipstick turned out!


Thanks a ton guys! :)

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so was it safe to use for lips?

omg I made orange for my aunt and she loved

it thank you

wow thx for the inspiration I love your idea could u melt them if ya wanted to

I've found using eye shadow for the color works better. You can mix colors to a specific shade, and if you're mixing, you can see exactly how it will turn out. Plus, it doesn't mess with the consistency of the chapstick

omg! This article was so helpful! Thank you so much! I tried making this on my own before and it didn't turn out, it was all chunky? But this worked amazing!

This is soo cool. I am goin to try this with my cousin ☺i hope it really works ?

Love your 'ible! I don't often wear lipstick but I may have to start. I mean, I can't go to the trouble to make it then not use it!
I thought of a few things that might help.
1) Whatever the brand of crayons you're using, make sure the wrapper says "Safe for small children" or something similar. If it's safe for kids to eat, the tiny bit ingested from wearing crayon lipstick would be almost guaranteed safe.
2) It will be safer using a double boiler for all of the melting. If its watched carefully there's little chance of fire.
3) iIf you decide to use a metal spoon or fork to stir the melted mix, heating the bowl or the tines first will prevent the mix from collecting on them. Use something to protect your fingers from a painful burn and while holding the tip of the utensil's handle, put the tip near the same heat source you used to heat the water for the double boiler. You should be able to use a paper towel to wipe off any mix that does stick, if you wipe it off before it cools down and turns solid again. Of course, using a plastic cup or bowl and a plastic fork or spoon means they can just be thrown away. (If you use a container that shouldn't be thrown away, follow the same 'wipe while its hot' directions above. The container can be reheated as often as needed, wiping it out each time until it's clean.)
And 4) if you used the mechanism in the Chapstick container to push the stick out, be sure to twist it the opposite way so it is back at the bottom of the container. Then, when you pour the mix in the tube, you"ll have the most lipstick possible.
One last thought, because of the multiple chances for painful burns, I think adult supervision is needed.

Maybe these ideas are obvious - but maybe they're not!

that sounds cool I'm trying it

Do you have to use Chapstick or can you use other chopsticks like eos and soft lips?

1 reply

this is so amazing!!

the one thing about that is that it waisting the whole chapstick! instead, use a little bit of vasiline!

1 reply

No no, Vaseline will dry your lips out! Chapstick is probably the best thing to use that's inexpensive. If you want to make some really good lipstick, use half natural beeswax half coconut oil.