DIY Looped Scarf





Introduction: DIY Looped Scarf



NOTE: Any t-shirt style or material will do to make this scarf; however, a plain, cotton tee with no side seams works best.

Step 1: Cut It Up:

Cut the trunk of the t-shirt horizontally, making 11 to 16 strips (depending on the size shirt), each about one inch wide.
             (NOTE: Don’t worry too much about cutting straight lines as long as the strips are about even with one another.)

Step 2: Toss It:

Discard the bottom hem and upper portion of the shirt.

Step 3: Stretch It Out:

Stretch each of the strips taught, attempting to make them roughly the same length, and set aside two.

Step 4: Double Time:

Collect the remaining pieces and double them onto themselves.

Step 5: Snip, Snip:

Cut one of the held-back pieces so that it is no longer a loop.

Step 6: Knot It:

Use the cut piece to tie a firm knot around the body of the scarf.

Step 7: Get Loopy:

Begin to loop the tie around a 3 to 4 inch section of the scarf, covering the knot itself, and tie off the end in another knot. 

Step 8: Re-peat-peat:

Repeat the tying process (steps 5 through 7) on the opposite side of the body of the scarf using the second held-back piece.

Step 9: Touch It Up:

Use your scissors to tuck the exposed knots under the tied sections. 

Step 10: Final Thoughts:

Enjoy your new scarf!



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    7 Discussions

    Can i ask you what size of the shirt did you choose?

    Tried this out tonight, hoping for a nice birthday gift for a friend. I think it turned out great! Opted for a single tie, but braided the material to make it pop a little. Thanks for the great tutorial!


    read it - done it. thank you!

    Super nice I am going to make this as soon as I have a tshirt i don't need!!