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Introduction: DIY Magnetic Key Holder (State Shaped)

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This Instructable is how to make a DIY State Shaped Magnetic Key Holder. You can also see the full blog post at:

Tools Used (affiliate):

Materials Used:

Step 1: Prepare the Wood and Shape It

I used a nice piece of 1/2" hardwood walnut for my keyholder, but you can make yours with any size and thickness wood you want.

I printed out a Tennessee state shape from (I resized it in PowerPoint). Then I used some spray adhesive and stuck it to the wood.

Using my bandsaw I cut out around the template lines. You can also do this with a jigsaw or scroll saw. Remove the template when done and you have your rough shape.

Step 2: Sand the State Shape

I used a belt/spindle sander to do the shaping of the flat sides and the gentle curves on the east side of the state.

For the detailed curves on the west side of the state I used a file, sanding sticks and regular sandpaper. Get the sides as smooth as you can without losing the detail then sand the whole piece to 220 grit.

Step 3: Mount the Magnets

The magnets I used are 1.26" rare earth magnets. I used a 1-1/4" fortsner bit to drill the holes along the bottom of the state. The key here is to drill down as far as you can without poking through the front. Set the depth on your drill press or mark your bit if you are using a drill to make sure the spur of the bit stops just before blowing through.

To mount the magnets I used a punch and mallet and knocked them in. I did not use any adhesive because the press fit was so tight.

Step 4: Apply Finish and Mounting Hardware

I used a boiled linseed oil finish on the key holder. This will allow easy refinishing when needed. I applied 2 coats and let it dry over night.

I used keyhole hanger mounting hardware on the back and mounted them between the magnets. Make sure not to drill through the front face of the key holder when attaching.

That's it, your all done! Just toss your keys up and watch the magnets snatch them.

YouTube video:

Full blog post:

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Looks awesome! Love those supermagnets :D we have them everywhere lol


    3 years ago

    Is that tennesse?


    3 years ago

    would'nt the magnets interfere with the electronic key fobs

    cycle ninja
    cycle ninja

    3 years ago

    A very elegant and attractive solution. Thank you for the idea, now to make my own Michigan shaped key holder