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Introduction: How to Mark Playing Cards - Instructable

Learn how to professionally mark a deck of playing cards and fool your friends every time.

Step 1: Materials Reqired

(1) deck of Bicycle (tm) rider back playing cards
(1) exacto knife, or, a regular razor knife will suffice
(1) hour of your time - 45 min if you have mad focus skills and don't take frequent smoke breaks.

Step 2: Arrange the Deck

Order the deck from (A)low to (K)high while grouping the like cards.

Step 3: Begin Marking

Mark the cards by very lightly scratching an etch in the paint of the two wheels at the top and bottom of the card with your knife.

The left wheel identifies the value of the card while the right wheel identifies the suit

The next step I will show you my methodology for marking.

Step 4: Method for Marking

If you would like you can use my code for marking displayed below or better yet just use it as an Idea for a code that will work for YOU and be easy for you to remember.



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    10 Discussions

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    perfect condition.

    your supposed to mark the top of the card, the turn the card around(180) and mark that side, like how they write the numbers

    This idea works if you own the cards and spend a day working on them. The way to do it with any set of cards even fresh from the pack, is this. Play your hand with the new cards, but as each card of the royal suite and aces pass through your hand, you mark them with your especially grown little finger nail. Lay that card face down, and appear to be gently massaging it with your graceful card sharps little finger, but have a design for each of those four royal family members and aces. When your opponent hold his hand up, you will see the back of his cards, and also the secret indentation made by your very clean fingernail.

    i t is very good how u have done it but wont it be confusing is i had 5 of spade with the line doing down on both sides

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    not if you concrete your system, LEFT will always be the value and RIGHT always be the suit. After a while you will start to see certain patterns like the 5 of spade example that the minute you see it, you will know right away. Kinda like 5x5=25. you don't add that in your head, you just know 5x5 is 25.
    Just start off by only relying on the top of the card when you force then after you get your patterns down, its easier to flip those images in your head when you start using the bottom.

    Thanks for posting an Instructable too, this could help people if they don't like videos, they could lag. Nice job!

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    I did that totally with you in mind too bro ;) I remember you posting a while back that you prefer the instructables, so I figured alot of folks do, and It appears so. The instructable is smoking the video in views. Glad you like the material and thanks for the input.