DIY Modern Coffee Table




Introduction: DIY Modern Coffee Table

Materials:Cable ties (zip-ties),35 3/4"×24" acrylic sheet (.080), 35 3/4"×24" wire deck, 22"×23 1/2" wire decks

Step 1:

Lay the 35 3/4"×24" wire deck flat with the 35 3/4" raised crossbars facing down (when turned over they will face up). Then attach an 22"×23 1/2" wire deck to each end of the larger wire deck with cable ties. Make sure to leave the cable ties loosely secured.

Step 2:

Attach the other two 22"×23 1/2" wire decks to the center of the larger wire deck with cable ties. Make sure the ties go around all three pieces. Leave the ties fairly loose for later.

Step 3:

Join each of the two middle 22"×23 1/2" wire deck pieces to the outer 22"×23 1/2" wire deck pieces with cable ties, to form a "V" shape as shown.

Step 4:

Adjust all pieces so they line up neatly. Tighten the ties and trim the ends and then flip the whole piece over.

Step 5:

Set the acrylic sheets on the wire deck with the sanded side facing down. They should sit between the 30" raised crossbars.

Optional: Spray paint the cable ties silver to blend in more with the wire decks.Drill small holes in each corner of the acrylic sheet for a small cable tie, to hold it in place on the table top.



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    1 year ago

    Love this! I'm going to make a few changes to strengthen it for the legs of a dining table. Brilliantly simple! Thank you

    This is impressive. I already have the necessary materials here--they were just waiting for the inspiration to put them to good use.

    This is stellar. Show mrs Lenox and she might give u some ec

    Good idea!

    Nicely done!