DIY Natural Hair Dye Color for Instant Dark Brown Hair !!




Introduction: DIY Natural Hair Dye Color for Instant Dark Brown Hair !!

Do you want to get instant dark brown hair ?? Whenever we hear that question , we get lost in wondering " can I apply hair colors? Chemicals? Hey! It is my hair I can't spoil them with volumes , developers or crème. . " BUT now , You can dye your hair in any age , to get healthy and thick hair , get longer hair in few weeks! Wait !? Which kind of hair color is this ? ? ? This is a remedy that wakes and makes our day more active !! Yes! , You can color your hair with COFFEE ! Today I'll show you how to dye your hair with coffee , it can be also applied as a hair mask :-) So let's get started ❤❤❤

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients:

You need only few ingredients for this DIY hair color..Things you'll need is:

• Organic Coffee Powder ( amount according to hair length )

• Castor Oil ( 3 Tsp )

• Coconut Oil ( 3 Tsp )

• Water

Step 2: Make It:


Take coffee powder in a bowl...Add castor oil and mix well...Add coconut oil...Now slowly start adding water and mix well until you get your desired consistency...Put it into microwave oven for 10 seconds...

Step 3: How to Apply:

Before applying , make sure that your hair is brushed evenly and you do not have any tangled strands...Make sections in your hair..Divide into 2 parts and pick up a hair colour brush...Apply like a hair colour..If you want your hair to be long and strong, focus more on roots... Apply on your few strands where you want them to be Mahroon Colour...Leave it for 20 minute then shampoo and condition...

Step 4: Enjoy Your Colored Hair and Let Me Know About Your Experience on It :) Mail Me Anytime If You Want Me to Post Something That Can Be Helpful for You <------ Tata ❤❤ ^_^



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    6 Discussions

    My hair is getting very thin. I have real hair extensions that are blonde. Can I do this?

    Is that even coffee grounds in that bowl? Looks like some sort of cappuccino mix or something...

    I am new at this but is there any other way you can do it with different colors.

    1 reply

    Hello lwesler24 !

    Yes you can colour your hair temporarily in different colours!! There's a life hack for it...If you have small Eyeshadows , take your favourite colour, wet your hair strand where wish to colour , Rub Eyeshadow on your hair strand...To make it last long, take a toothbrush, spray some hair spray on it or apply some hair gel on it , comb your hair strand with this toothbrush..It will set the Eyeshadow and make it last longer!

    Enjoy funky colored hair at home in easy way!

    Thank you !
    ❤Miss Crystal Shine❤

    That's a pretty color, almost looks like chestnuts :)

    1 reply