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This time I'm going to show you the simplest way to make a origami butterfly its really simple.And if you cannot under stand what I am written PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO(I am really sorry for the camera angle).

Step 1: Things Needed+

Here the things that need for this project. These things you can find definitely inside your home.

  1. A colour A4 paper.
  2. An eraser(optional).
  3. A ruler.
  4. A pencil.
  5. A scissor.
  6. Wool thread any other thread.

Step 2: Take, Measure and Tear.........

Now first of all take 20.5 X 20.5 cm and cut or tear. Take the cutted paper and fold it to get half and tear it. PLEASE FOLLOW THE PICTURE OR THE VIDEO.

Step 3: Fold, Fold and Fold.............

Now take one of the half teared paper and again fold it to half and fold as in the 2 second picture. Then fold it again. Now fold it to down side and again up side by keeping a gap of half a cm. And it to the whole paper.And fold it as in the last picture. PLEASE FOLLOW THE PICTURES OR THE VIDEO.

Step 4: Other Paper!

Now take the other paper and fold it up and down until the paper is finished and fold like the last picture. PLEASE FOLLOW THE PICTURES OR THE VIDEO.

Step 5: Tie It and Done.......

Now keep the both papers as in the first picture and and tie in the middle with wool thread or any other thread and cut the remaining thread with a scissor. And done. You can hang them in the wall by using double side tape. "OMG ITS REALLY SIMPLE!" you would say.

And if you have any question regarding this project please make sure to comment bellow. And i wish you a very good luck on making your own origami butterflies. And if you think that this project is good enough to win a prize you can vote to me. And you can subscribe to my youtube channel to stayturned for more DIY projects.

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