DIY PVC Speaker





Introduction: DIY PVC Speaker

Hi, yet another pvc project.

This time im with an cool pvc speaker .Recently i made an powerful 7.1 and there where lack of an center speaker

so i decided to make an center speaker with pvc's,

please go threw pictures and ask me if you have questions.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Here im using all 75mm(2.5 inch) pvc.

  • length (for joining elbow to T)
  • 2 - elbows
  • 1 -T
  • Reducer
  • 1 - Tweeter speakers
  • 2 - Speakers (i used 10w)
  • Any epoxy compound

Step 2: Preparation

First make two holes for air vents and fix a small piece of pvc pipe this will results clean bass.

And make another small holes for speaker wire

Then glue speakers and seal the remaining gaps with epoxy

Step 3: Finalizing

Do speaker connection ,(i made this speaker as center speaker for my home made 7.1 system so i connected those

3 speakers in parallel )

Then assemble everything together ,paint it it you want.

Step 4: Result / Other Stuffs

Seriously result is just amazing, sound is crystal clear "especially vocals " air vents on back are really working well

getting good mid volume thats good for center speakers.

So i started few more pvc speakers projects




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    22 Discussions

    Hi, nice work, have you tried to make calculations for volume and resonance tube?

    You've connected 3 speakers in parallel. Maximum how many speakers can be connected in parallel. Is there any calculations?

    Nice job mi amigo! I'm going to try and track down some Bose brand speakers to add the my PRO Klips 7.2 with 8 bass shaker setup. I'm looking for that extra high, crystal clean sound and my system would be better than the Omini set up. Thanks again!

    1 reply

    Thinking about making one of these, though I will probably add bluetooth and maybe make it waterproof

    I am thinking of doing a pvc speaker as well, but not yet. So I am collecting ideas and tips for speakers, and since I started, all the DIY speaker are seal tight without air ventilation, because they said it made a better sound, but now I see your's and I have to ask. Should I put air ventilation? Why? I mean I don't get how it works to improve the sound.

    2 replies

    Even i had that same doubt . so i tried both with and without vents ,for me with vents sounds better .(will give more mid and low frequency )
    And dont put simply holes as vents ,insert an small pvc as shown in image.


    Thanks for the reply, but as you can see above, my enclosure is not made to have air ventilation, so I probably won't put them. Maybe in another project, I wish. Thanks for the info anyway =)

    Thanks mate, I think I won't need the air ventilation, because i got the speakers from a base without air ventilation. Plus, the body I have for my project isn't big enough to let the air reach the cone from the back.
    Thanks again, and if I feel like I need answers, I'll do as you say and post it in the questions =D