DIY Pallet Pry Bar


Introduction: DIY Pallet Pry Bar

Video on how to build a pallet breaker bar with parts from the hardware store and no welding.

I've seen many pry bars that require some specialized tools to make, and my goal was to build one with hard ware store materials.

Step 1: Watch the Video:

I did not invent this design, credit goes to Rybitski for inspiring me with his instructable, a big thank you to him.

I used 1/4" Grade 5 bolts, and I suggest you use larger diameter bolts. The pry bar works fine, but the bolts have bent a bit after some use.

When drilling out the holes of the angle brackets, use a clamp to hold the metal to the drill press, you can lose a finger otherwise. Drilling into the elbow can be a challenge, use a punch to set a drill point, as they drill bit can wander.

I added the elbow at the end of the pipe to emulate the bend that many pry bars have, like the Wonder Bar.

I'd like to hear what improvements you'd make below, thx!



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    2 years ago

    I made a pallet busting fork years ago. Regular crowbars are almost worthless for taking pallets apart. I do not lever mine though, I smack it with a sledgehammer. The shock action blows the nails out. Like hammering them in reverse.

    2 replies

    Wish I could see a little better how you constructed this--was it welded? what are the parts? The second photo seems that the angle iron is longer-- do you smack that one also?

    Expand the images. Thumbnails on this site distort the original picture. It is the same tool, just different pictures of it.

    I was just started taking a well seasoned pallet apart just yesterday. How thoughtful were you to put this up today. Thanks for insight, I can finish the pallet without messing it up.

    I don't watch the video. It just shows an annoying advert.

    This is real video, I found it in the related video, just in case

    ¿Can you describe or make a list with the materials of this prybar? Its because they dont have the same name in Centralamerica, and I need a little more effort to find the materials in the hardware store where I live.

    I don't see a link to a video