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Leather crafts are one of the coolest. I'm not an expert but I've really enjoyed all the leather crafts I've done so far. Since I'm a beginner, after completing each leather project I am always left with lots of scrap leathers. But eventually I came up with simple leather craft ideas and finally was able to use those scrap leather.

I've shared only 7 scrap leather projects here, check them out and let me know if you have any more ideas!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these projects you will need:

  1. Scrap leather
  2. Pencil, ruler,
  3. X-acto knife and scissor,
  4. Other necessary tools vary according to the projects.

Step 2: Leather Zipper Extensions

You can use the small strips to make zipper extensions. The length should be of at least 8 cm (or as long as you want the extension to be) and the width 0.25 cm.

You can cut and manage the strip as you want but keep the measurements in mind.

Take the strip and insert the leather strip inside the zipper hole. Hold both ends of the leather strip together and start inserting the beads. Insert as many beads as you want, but I think 3-5 beads look better. Tie a knot at the end of the strip. Keep 1 cm of the strip and trim extra.

You can make zippers similarly using scrap leather pieces.

No trouble grabbing the zipper!

Step 3: Leather Pencil Cap

We girls often loose our lipliner-eyeliner pencil-kajal caps. Perfectly sharpened liners get smudged without a cap. Gather all supplies and lets solve the problem! You can use scrap rexine or faux leather to make these caps as well.

Place your pencil on the scrap rexine as shown in the picture. Fold the rexine / leather and wrap the pencil making sure that the sides touch each other. Mark the required amount of rexine / leather with a pencil and ruler. Cut out the required piece and cut out scallop pattern on the top center of it.

Fold the piece into half and mark a border along the open end to make sure you stitch neatly along that line. The width of the border shouldn't be more than 1 cm. Do flat blanket stitches along the border to secure the fold. Start stitching from any one side, I started from the bottom. Stitch all the way to the other end. After reaching the other end tie 2 tight knots and trim extra thread.

Done! It takes less than 5 minutes to make one!

Step 4: Leather Gift Tags

You can use scrap leather to make simple gift tags as well.

Adjust and cut the scrap leather pieces into a good shape and punch hole on the top side for the gift tag. Draw Tag pattern on the cut out leather pieces. Carefully cut out the tags along the pattern. Apply a thin layer of glue on the bottom side of the tag. Sprinkle dry glitter powder on the glued area. Allow the glue to dry. Remove extra glitter after the glue dries.

Attach a string through the holes and the tags are ready!

Step 5: Leather Bracelets

These leather bracelets don't require much leather. You can use scrap leather strips to make them. The links to tutorials are given below-

Magic braided bracelet and

Leather wrap bracelet.

Step 6: Leather Accessories

Leather Charm-1:

Fold the leather strip into half. Tie a small knot near the closed end, make sure to keep a loop. Start beading the strip through the open end. Bead to as much as you want, but remember to keep enough strip to create another knot at the end. Tie another knot at the end after you're done beading. The knot should be adjacent to the last bead.

Leather Charm-2:

For this one a 4 X 6 cm piece of leather should work. Mark a line to keep 1 cm of the cut out leather intact. Cut fine and even fringes on the leather piece. Take a 0.5 X 8 cm piece of leather. Fold it into half and insert the wooden bead into the folded leather strip. Apply glue along the intact part of the fringed leather. Place the beaded leather strip with the fringed leather piece as shown in the picture. Start rolling the fringed leather by keeping the beaded leather strip secure inside the roll. After you're done rolling the leather, use a clothespin to secure the roll until the glue dries.

Take a 1 X 3.5 cm leather piece and color it with gold paint. Glue it around the top of the leather tassel as shown in the picture. Allow the glue to dry. Attach the tassel with a key chain through the loop.

You can also use these as charm for your purse, bag, cell phone or key-chain.

Step 7: Mini Leather Pouches

You can also use 2-3 inches left over leather pieces to make this pouch. I made this one for keeping coins, I'm going to make another one for my flash drive.

Anyways, you will need to cut 4 small leather pieces. 2 same sized pieces for the body part, 1 strip for the closure and 1 strip for the flap.

Place the body pieces together, with their wrong sides facing each other and the right sides facing out. Place the closure strip on the top piece as you can see in the 2nd picture of the first collage. Place them on a wooden board and create holes along the sides for stitching. Prepare your needle and thread and do flat blanket stitches along the sides to attach the body pieces and the closure together. Tie a knot at the end, cut off extra thread.

Place the flap piece on the center of the width. To attach the flap with the pouch simply do a cross stitch. and the pouch is ready!

You can make mini pouches and bags for mini gadgets using the scrap leather.

Step 8: Leather Jewelries

The best way to use the smallest scrap leather is to make these simple jewelries. With a tiny pieces of leather you can make these cute and simple stud earrings and rings.

Adjust and cut the leather into a nice shape, I used square, pentagon and triangle would look nice as well. Apply glue on the leather pieces, you can keep a pattern for the glue or simply apply it all over the pieces. Sprinkle dry glitter powder on the glued area and allow the glue to dry. Remove extra glitter after the glue dries.

Simply glue a blank ear-top or blank ring to make your jewelries.

Thanks for reading my ible. Enjoy making some!

Step 9: Leather Key Fob

You'll need a template for the key fob.

Place the template on the leather and trace the sides. Fold the leather into half and cut it according to the template.

Take a key ring big enough to attach the leather fob with it. Insert the cutout leather piece into the ring with its wrong side facing up and bring it to the middle. Apply glue on any one side of the wrong side evenly. Bring the other side and join it with the glued part. Press the folded part to make sure that it is glued nicely.

We will stitch around the border of it. Use a pencil to mark the stitching line.Place the fob on a wooden board. Use an awl and hammer to punch the holes. Punching holes makes it easier to stitch.

Prepare needle and thread. Start stitching from any one side. I did flat blanket stitches.Stitch all the way to the other side. Tie knot and cut off extra thread.

Cute and simple! You can make more fun fun patterns. Enjoy!

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    Very Cool!!! I Love the gift tags... for some reason they are my Fav ??✌?️


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    Good ideas! I have a dozen keys w/ paper tags to remind me what they are for. I am forever having to replace them-but not any more!!!


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    I loved the bracelet and pouch;thanks for sharing and good luck in the contest.



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    I loved the bracelet and pouch;thanks for sharing and good luck in the contest.



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    hey muhaiminah! I haven't been on instructables in forever XDD you've posted some really cool ibles while I was gone! keep up the good work!

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    wonderful projects... thanks for sharing..


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Muhaiminah will, I sure reply, but I'm gonna wade in here.

    I've been doing leatherwork and bookbinding for years. If it's your first project and you wanna try the craft out, I'd go with plain old waxed dental floss.

    If you wanna be more decorative, or you wanna try to color match, you could go with embroidery thread or quilting thread at the craft stores.

    To prevent drag, rub your thread over a block of beeswax or a candle stub.

    1 reply

    Thanks so much! I bought waxed linen thread yesterday from a craft store, will try. I don't yet have all the tools required for leather crafts. Thanks again for the suggestions!