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Please watch this video of how to make a DIY Smoke Machine Using Soldering Iron

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Step 1:

Things you will need

1) You will Need some around 2 meters thin Copper Pipe


3)Small Hand Spray Pump or any other kind of hand spray,

4)Soldering Iron(s),( I used Soldron 25 Watt Iron & One generic 75 Watt Iron)

4) Oxygen Pipe ( you can get this from any aquarium Shop.

5) Medical syringe Needle thin one( yo can buy a few of different sizes if it doesn't fit your copper pipe.

Step 2: Winding the Copper Pipe

Remove the soldering iron Bit.

Once you remove the soldering iron Bit Wind the copper pipe onto the soldering Iron As seen on the images.

Don't Use Cheap Irons As they will burn out. I have Tried and tested Soldron in this project You can keep it on continously For 5 to 6 hrs and even More & nothing happened to it.

I also used another 75 Watt Iron ( This one is a Local Brand But works really well But I will Still Suggest Soldron ) And winded copper Pipe to it.

Step 3: Insert the Syringe Needle in the Copper Pipe

Now take a Syringe Needle insert the Syringe needle in the Copper Pipe.Use a Thin Syringe needle which will easily go into your copper pipe.

Step 4: Attach the Oxygen Pipe to the Copper Winding

1) Once you insert the Needle Insert then insert thin Oxygen Pipe( This can be easily be bought from any Aquarium shop) Into the other End of the Needle And secure it with Epoxy Putty to avoid any leakages.

2) I Attached Both Oxygen Pipes coming from the Winded Copped pipe to the Pump & secured it With Putty

Step 5: Placing the Iron(s)

1) cut out small Plywood pieces on which you can place & stick the soldering iron . This is to make sure that there is a gap between the surface and the hot part.

2) Now Place the Small Plank on your Plywood Surface and secure it With Two Part Epoxy Adhesive If you want endurance.

3)Apply Two part Adhesive on the Small Plank and place your soldering Iron Handle on it.I used Hot glue so that I can get the

flexibility to use my iron again after the project. Best way to secure is using two part epoxy adhesive if you don't want that iron again.

Step 6: The Smoke Machine Liquid

1) You can get this from any store which sell Lightings for parties.Or you can Make smoke juice at home by just using Glycerine(Get it from Medical store) & Distilled Water( Buy it from any car & bike Battery Shop) then Mix 1/4 glycerine & 3/4 Distilled water.

2) Fill the liquid in the container of the pump

3) Connect the pump to the container.

Step 7: Make a Box Enclosure for the Iron

1) Make a small Box Enclosure for the soldering iron.I used My Old Box of the Laser Projector.The Soldering Iron Will be Extremely Hot so mak a box enclosure using ply wood with a opening so that the smoke can go out



Step 8: Testing Time

Connect the Soldering irons to the Mains and then wait until 4 mins then Use the pump to get the smoke into the copper winding and then see the smoke effect.

As its a DIY project depending upon the pressure of the pump & you soldering iron Watts It might cool down

no worries After the Cool down wait for five minutes and you can pump it up again.

This is good for your small Indoor Parties Or Place it inside your halloween Pumpkin However I Have also tried it

at pool side Parties Works Really well Just keep it away from Tipsy Drunk People, Pets & Children When its hot.

Thank you for watching this instructables you can also follow me on instructables & subscribe me on youtube for more .

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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    This is a nice explanation of how a smoke machine works, but I would advise against putting a hot soldering iron anywhere near a party. That seems incredibly dangerous and a bit unnecessary, given that smoke machines are barely more expensive than soldering irons.

    6 replies
    Jugaad it yourselfSilkeC2

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes i understand what you said about the danger of keeping the soldering iron open in a party if you see i have asked to make a box enclosure to keep the soldering iron and if you keep it covered then there is no risk.i have used this in many of my indoor and outdoor parties.
    And smoke machines have higher wattage than soldering iron starting from 400watts and it is advised to keep the tip of smoke machines away from body

    SilkeC2Jugaad it yourself

    Reply 2 years ago

    I agree that smoke machines are generally not kids toys and you should always put them out of reach (also because the smoke can be hot too close up). The main concern I have with what you built is that if some part gets loose while it is in use, it would start a fire. For example, you used hot glue which melts at 120-200 degrees (depending on the brand, some hot glues start to soften at a temperature of 60-80 degrees) to secure two irons that can easily heat up to 250-350 degrees celsius, in a tiny enclosure, and you are running it for hours. And what if someone bumps into it? Let's say it falls down from a table - will the plywood and adhesive hold? Maybe you used high temperature hot glue and maybe yours will hold, but I would still not advise anyone to try to replicate it this way for use at parties.

    What i meant is. The small soldering iron cools down quickly and need to wait for few minutes need to waiy for 4 minutes to regain the heat

    Jugaad it yourselfSilkeC2

    Reply 2 years ago

    Okay so as i have said that in my video due to time constrain i have used a hot glue my first option is to use epoxy putty or two party adhesive for endurance, And if you check all my instructable projects all the project i have tried it & tested only after that I have uploaded the videos and I think the epoxy putty I have used can withstand heat which you can see that I have used the same thing to bond the copper pipe & the oxygen

    And I have used this setup for many parties didn't find any incident of fire