DIY Smoker From 2 Geysers





Introduction: DIY Smoker From 2 Geysers

Me and a couple of friends started this build just for the sake of doing something interesting that we have never done before. I have to add that none of us are engineers, boilermakers or welders in any way.

We used two waterheaters(or geysers as we call them here in South Africa) for this build, one was a short chubby one and the other was a tall and slim geyser.

Step 1:

I did not take pictures of the first couple of tasks we had done so I will try and describe as best I can.

We started by cutting the short chubby water heater in half as this was to be used as our "Fire Chamber". We also cut of all inlet and outlet pipes that was in our way.

The second step was to cut the bottom off of the taller slimmer water heater so that we can weld it to the "Fire Chamber" later on. We called this part our "Smoking Column".

Step 2:

The next step was to build a bottom/base for our "Fire Chamber". For this we used a plow disc(skottelskaar in Afrikaans). We welded tubing with steel cap ends onto the disc so it would stand firmly on the ground ;).

Step 3:

The next step we had to cut a hole in the "Fire Chamber" to allow the smoke to escape into the "Smoking Column"

Step 4:

In this step we welded the "Fire Chamber" to the base, measured and cut the door and fixed it in place.

Step 5:

Next we measured and cut the door for the "Smoking Column"

Step 6:

In step 6 we welded the brackets for the two grills in place. We asked a friend to help us manufacture the two grills and it came out great.

Step 7:

The next step was to weld the "Smoking Column" to the "Fire Chamber".

Step 8:

The last two steps was to weld the door of the "Smoking Column" in place and fit the chimney. Welding the door in place took us three tries, but eventually we did it.

Step 9:

Finally we were able to try out our new smoker and man was it worth it!!!!!!

Thanks to:
- Stephan Pretorius
- Kevin Smith
- Danie Brough



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    12 Discussions

    Excellent up-cycle, excellent execution, excellent photos, excellent write up...what time we dining?

    Great job guys. I hope to steal your idea soon.

    Lekker man!

    I have 2 of the same tanks I salvaged on the weekend. Was looking for a use, this pleases me.


    5 months ago

    Nice job guys! It's an elegant design, great re-use of available resources and should do the job nicely. One concern and question for you... it seems to me that the grease being released by the meat would drip down and accumulate around the weld between the smoking column and chubby fire-pit. Was that in fact your experience when trying it out? If you did it again, would you do put any sort of drain hole in it?

    1 reply

    Hi There

    Thanks for your comment. The grease does accumulate where the smoke column and the fire chamber are welded together, but the weld is not all way around so the grease will escape down the sides on the outside of the fire chamber.
    Hope this helps.

    You may say that you're not engineers or welders, but I think can claim those titles now. Very nice work.

    1 reply

    Man, I'm hungry!

    That looks awesome and sturdy. Does it release much smoke out the doors? I'm wondering if I could make one in my basement for the winter time, to kill two birds with one stone (heatin' and eatin'). Feed the chimney out the basement window or something.

    'Course I don't want the house to smell like a restaurant. :)

    1 reply

    Hi There

    There is not a lot of smoke escaping through the caps, but I would be wary of installing such a contraption in an enclosed space because of possible carbon dioxide poisoning.

    A little question on how you use it : do you put a "great" fire in the burner, or simply some soaked wood/wood chips and let it burn slowly ?

    1 reply

    Hi There

    We make a small charcoal fire in the bottom part and then we will ad small foil packets full of soaked wood chips to the fire.

    Hope this answers your question.


    6 months ago

    I have to say, it looks very good. For not having the skills, like to stated at the beginning of the project write up, you guys sure made a nice smoker in my opinion. And since you built this using available items, it is even a better project as well. Bravo sir(s) Bravo. Always nice to see ingenuity come though building things. Thumbs Up!

    That came out really well! Great work :)