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Introduction: DIY Speakers How To

This is a project I've wanted to do for many years. Most of the information pertinent to the project is in the videos, but I wanted to make a little outline of how I made the speakers. If you have any questions, please comment or message me, and I will be happy to answer.

Things you'll need:






Old speakers

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Step 1: Plan Out Your Speakers

Start by drawing a plan of your speakers on paper. They can be as ornate of simple as you like.

Step 2: Mark Out and Saw

Transfer your plan to the plywood and then carefully saw out the pieces.

Step 3: Drill and Widen

After you've prepared your pieces, begin drilling and widening holes in the plywood for the speakers, volume knob, power button and wires.

Step 4: Gluing

After you've drilled and widened the holes, you can start gluing. Remember to keep the back of the speaker case off until you've assembled the speakers.

Step 5: Assembling

Position the speakers themselves over the drilled holes and attach them with bolts. Run the wires through the openings and afterwards glue on the back of the case.

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    4 years ago

    Speaker cabinets are fun to build. It is amazing what putting speakers in a box does for how they sound too. I've heard it has to do with blocking out the inverse waves off the back of the cone. But that explanation doesn't really do justice for the improvement in sound.