DIY SpongeBob Squarepants Mascot Halloween Costume




Fairly simple to make, minimal sewing. Total cost less than $10. Materials needed. 1 yard yellow fleece fabric. 8x10 sheet white foam, 8x10 sheet black foam,2 8x12 yellow foam, 8x10 red felt, 8x10 blue felt and lots of hot glue!!

Step 1: Cardboard Box

Pick the size box you want. I glued pieces of different boxes together to get the right rectangles sixe I wanted.  I always cut the holes first before the fabric.

Step 2: Yellow Fleece Fabric

Measuring each side, including the top and sew all pieces of fabric inside out. Covered the entire box with fabric, gluing it to the inside of the box only. The next picture is any easy way to cut the fabric so it folds inside neatly.

Step 3: Face Detailing

I covered the eyes and mouth with a sheer black fabric, glues to the inside. The tongue is also glued to the inside of the mouth (red felt). I cut the white eyes out with my Cricut cutter. Make sure to cut the eyes larger than the holes to cover any imperfections. The blue eyes are felt. The eyelashes are black foam along with white foam teeth. The teeth are too small and you will see late I made them bigger.

Step 4: Inside

You can see how everything is glued. I also added straps so it will fit a smaller child. A larger person can see out of the eyes without the straps and a smaller person can see out of the mouth with the straps.

Step 5: Clothes

I added one strip of white fabric for the shirt and one strip of black fabric for the pants. The white collar is made of foam triangles. The belt is black foam. The tie I cut out of the red felt I used for the tongue. And the larger teeth.

Step 6: Nose

The nose was made using a rectangle, folded in half, rounded on one edge and sewed together at the seam. Stuff with polyfil and hand sewed on.

Step 7: The Finished Product!

Hope you enjoy!



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    I want to thank you for putting this up for ppl like me to understand I was gonna order Spongebob off of Ebay for 65 but when they added shipping the total cost was over 280!! This is my grandson's 1st Birthday party and he LOVEs sponge bob now if i could find out how to make Mr Krabs,Patrick N Squidward my


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome !
    Also your son looks very funny and cute ! god bless him

    Take care .... Mohammad