DIY Starwars Sith Wayfinder




Introduction: DIY Starwars Sith Wayfinder

Hello! :)

In this tutorial i show you how to make a simple Starwars Sith Wayfinder to find planet Exogol. The materials you need are pretty basic. Here’s my list :-):

cardboard sheet
printed template
semi translucent paper or something else you like to use for the windows
hot glue gun
Led light
plastic cap translucent
permanent marker in the color you like
black fineliner for the window drawing
knife/scissors/pencil/masking tape

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Step 1: Cut Out My Template and Trace Onto Cardboard

Print out the template that i made, cut them out with your scissors and trace the shapes onto the cardboard sheet. cut out all the cardboard parts with your hobby knife and only light cut the lines where you will need to fold the cardboard. Make sure you don’t go all the way trough :-).

Step 2: Print or Hand Draw the Windows

print out the windows on to the semi translucent paper or any other paper you had in mind. Regular paper will work as well but it reduces the amount of light going trough, quite a lot. you could use also thin plastic sheets like the stuff you find in ordners to keep paper documents in :). In that case you can trace the drawing onto the plastic by hand. After finishing the windows you can insert them into the pyramid shape.

Up next is finishing the sides of the bottom of the wayfinder with the small elements.

Step 3: Green Light

use your marker to color the leds of your light source. Also color the plastic cap that will be mounted on top of the hole in the wayeinder’s base. This plastic cap will extra color the light and make it much more diffuse. It will spread the led light better to the windows.

Step 4: Finish Up and Make the Wayfinder Float

Use your glue gun to finish up the wayfinder. A little extra effect could be achieved by sticking white paper onto the bottom of the base. use little pieces of cardboard to make the wayfinder float. The white paper will reflect a bit of the light and peeks underneath the wayfinder :-)

Step 5: Ready to Enjoy!

You are ready! Time to find the way to Exogol ;-)

Step 6: Template :-) A4 Sized

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5 Discussions


Question 7 days ago on Step 1

Where do you find the templates you need to print out?


6 weeks ago

Nice plans. Going to make out of wood and acrylic. Will post pictures when complete.


6 weeks ago

I made a really crude wayfinder the other day for my 4 year old after he came home from Pre-school with a "Map to Exogol". Can't wait to try this version!