DIY Van to Campervan Conversion

Introduction: DIY Van to Campervan Conversion

I'm Andrew, and I love building campers! What started as a one man DIY Campervan conversion busin...

If you are a backpacker or just on a budget and don’t have a lot of money have a look at my DIY van to campervan conversion. In this post, I'm going to teach you to build your own "House On Wheels".

Step 1: Clean the Van.

First of all before we start the van conversion, clean(and disinfect) the van .

Step 2: Measure the Floor of the Van.

Let the conversion begin! Measure the floor of the van using insulation foil.
The insulation foil will serve as template for the boards we need to form the base of our floor.

Step 3: Medium-density Fibreboard (MDF) for Floor Support.

If the floor of the van is not good, use MDF to cover or support the floor of the van.
Plywood will do but it is too thin and too bendy so I don't advise you to use it.

Step 4: Make a Floor Frame.

Before putting anything in the van, put a frame, so the floor will stay in place. Attach the wood frame to the van using a super strong glue.

Step 5: Place the Floor Layers.

First the frame, then the insulation, then the MDF.
You can also make your design by placing vinyl on top.

Since the back area will be covered by the bed, it is okay to use rubber flooring only. It can help you save your money!

Step 6: Make a Bed

Get a particle board. Measure and cut it and make a bedframe.

Place a board on top with hinges to make it foldable.

Step 7: Make a Cabinet.

For more storage and better look on your new home, make a good cabinet!

Step 8: All Done!

You are ready to hit the road!



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    4 Discussions

    Groovy! hope you are also installing a table to play card games or having your meals

    I'm confused: the blue van and interior that you show at the beginning are not what you show building out.....?

    nice job. You crafted a large sleeping area and still have lots of storage space left over.

    Fantastic! This is so cool.

    One thought - you ought to swap the main image in your intro for one of the actual van showing in the rest of your instructable. The 2nd image in your last step would make an excellent intro/cover image! ;)