DIY Velcro Watch Strap




Introduction: DIY Velcro Watch Strap

If you own a wrist watch with a leather strap, chances are you are one day going to face this. Stinking strap due to moisture and dirt buildup. Below is a DIY replacement strap you can make in less than 5 minutes using minimal tools and material.

Step 1: Materials/ Tools Needed



Watch casing

Step 2:

Cut Velcro to size. Measure "Loop" layer to go all the way around your wrist and cut. Measure "Hook" layer to go from one end of the watch face around your wrist to the other end of the watch face. Trim ends of "Hook" layer round.

Step 3: Assembly

Feed the "Hook" layer through the watch like pictured and stick the other layer on top.

Step 4: Wear It With Pride

Cool, washable watch strap in under 5 minutes. Enjoy.



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    Great idea!