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Introduction: DIY Water-resistant Camera Bag

This is a DIY water resistant camera bag that I made for my Aiptek AHD camcorder, it is water-resistant, that is events like rain, puddle splashes, etc...

It isn't fully waterproof, but it could be made to be, mine has a small leak in the lens housing which could be fixed with a small bead of silicone. That and some teflon tape for the threads and it would be perfect for small dunks I think.

Step 1: Components

Very very simple to make, it only consists of 3 components.

1. Old plastic Flashlight that has same diameter as camera lens.
2. (Optional) Scrap plexiglass
3. Tough Ziplock Bag.

Step 2: Lens Assembly

Ok, the first thing I did was to cut the "bulb" end of the flashlight off, this became the "lens assembly". I also had to file it down a bit to make sure the camera could fit, and also to make sure the lens assembly would move as close to the camera lens as possible so I don't get tunnel vision.

I still did get a bit of tunnel vision on the left side, due to my clumsiness.

Step 3: Baggy Baggy

The next thing to do is to cut a small hole into the bag, smaller than the circumference of the flange of the lens assembly, about the circumference of the threads of the lens assembly, this way it would somewhat stretch over the threads and fit tightly against the assembly.

Before you insert the assembly into the hole, put a small bead of silicone around the flange outer edge, so the bag will be glued and sealed to the lens assembly. (I forgot to do this but intend on going back and doing it).

Step 4: Conclusion!

If you have to make a new lens like I did, as the flashlight lens had a magnification section dead center of it, then cut out a small circular piece of plexiglass and silicone it into the cap before you screw it on.

Voila! It is done, mine works pretty well in the rain despite it being a 1 hour project. The ziplock bag I used was somewhat heavy duty, it housed an electronics project that I did while in college.

Step 5: Sample Images

Here are some sample images, they aren't the greatest because the plexiglass lens I made got a bit scuffed and isn't all that clean, I am going to make a new one, maybe even try to find a glass one. But it will suffice for now.

The first picture is with Nightmode On, the second is with Nightmode Off, the Last image is one I took before I put the lens assembly into the bag and before I scuffed up the plexiglass lens, there is more tunnel vision in this then the final product because I hadn't filed away enough at the time.

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    2 Discussions

    Jr Hacking kid

    what flasj light did you use and where did you got? p.s. i also got this camera i love it i use it for youtube and what not like airsoft. so how do you like this cam


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, it was a cheap no-name brand flashlight I got in a cheap no-name tool kit. I got it for christmas so I am not sure where it came from.