DIY Ways Wiper for Swarf Protection on a Myford ML10 Lathe




Here are a few photos of a felt wiper to keep the ways (or should it be 'way' on an ML10!) clear of swarf and fully lubricated. It also shows a flexible nitrile rubber swarf protection sheet.

No great details given, just some images and a little bit of text.

One design from a book (out of print) is shown, mine is a variation on this, because I did not want to drill the apron.

Step 1: My Lathe, Before the Modification

I'm not quite sure what the threaded hole in the apron is really for! I guess it is to lock the apron, however there is already a locking screw on the gib - just visible on the extreme right hand side of the apron. Perhaps it is locking the apron during heavy tasks like milling?

I have placed a bolt in the hole for the photograph (it would foul the cross slide if it were up this high - see final step).

Step 2: Exploded Components

The 'exploded' view shows most of what is needed.

I bought a "Felt remnant 30cm x 20cm x 6mm thick" for £2.25 on Ebay (from "Ann Burchall" - possibly a private seller).

I bought a "20cm x 20cm sheet of black rubber nitrile 1.5mm thick" from Ebay for £3.80 from FAST GASKETS & PARTS LIMITED (Seller's ID: fastgaskets2000 Seller's Email:

Both purchases in May 2013

Obviously, I have lots of felt left over (perhaps for a rear wiper!), and a nitrile rubber offcut as well.

The Nitrile rubber is supposed to be completely oil resistant.

I had the aluminium angle 'in stock' and just found a bolt and washer which fitted.

Cutting the felt was harder than I expected - a very sharp knife didn't seem to do anything except tear at the fibres - I simply used a pair of dressmaking scissors in the end.

Step 3: Finished Wiper and Swarf Protection Sheet

The wiper works brilliantly. I soaked the felt in oil before I assembled it - a drop of oil in each hole every-so-often keeps the ways soaking (in case you are wondering, I have wiped a cloth over the ways for the photograph!)

The rubber sheet is great as well. It has never caused any hassles - it just hangs there doing its job!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The bolt hole is to allow you to fix the travelling steady to the carriage. Regards, Matt