DIY Zebra Print Leggings Using Bleach




Make DIY zebra print leggings using masking tape and a spray bottle filled with equal parts of bleach and water.



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    Anna Logg

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I appreciate how you set this up into a one-pager. One thing I'd like to be clearer on is whether this is regular ol' masking tape or other.

    I'm going to wager those beautiful pants lasted not much longer than one washing. I don't think stretchy material and bleach goes together well. I might try this on a pair of black denims but I would mix bleach with a liquid dish detergent such as Palmolive and mostly likely more soap than bleach.

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    lovelilandiaAnna Logg

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Anna, thanks for commenting! :)

    The tape is regular old masking tape, but you could probably use anything with similar results, like painters tape or packaging tape.

    They have lasted quite a few washings now with no signs of falling apart. You mix the bleach with equal parts water, so that might be important, and it doesn't set that long, just long enough to get a color change. Using soap sounds interesting, I hope you post pictures of your results!


    I did them! thanks!!!! I just didn't put enough bleach in the water so I had to wait to long for the black to discolor, and the solution went a tiny bit under the tape, but I still like them too much!!! I will make more with more bleach (half and half like you write). and I thought to make a pillow too.

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    Oh wow they turned out so good!! I'm so excited :D I actually love how they bleed a little and have a wild vibe!! You rock <3


    6 years ago on Introduction

    There is a cool tutorial using the same technique but with a slightly different pattern here