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About: DIY carbon heated clothing.

Very expensive to warm at night the whole apartment when you sleep in a bed. Much better to save money on heating and warm a bed only. So I decided to make a heating blanket.
As the heating element I used the carbon tape. It looks like a thin, soft cloth and not interfere in a bed.
The carbon tape can be sewed, but instead it can be simply glued. Because of this I did it in just 1 hour!

Step 1:

To make the blanket I took 2 pieces of inexpensive fabric

6 feet of flexible wire
20 feet of carbon heater tape 15mm from and now on Amazon

silver conductive wire glue paste, female plug 5.5 mm and iron-on no-sew hem tape. The desired temperature can be determined from the table.

Step 2:

Cut a piece of fabric length of 5 feet (150 cm).

Put carbon tape zigzag. Zigzag shape can be any that you like.
Under the carbon tape to put iron-on hemming web tape. Gently press the carbon tape with an iron that is stuck to the fabric.

Step 3:

Glue the wire to the carbon tape using silver conductive wire glue. Due to the silver glue, contacts will be very thin, very small, will not interfere in a bed. These contacts can be easily and quickly done, and they will be very reliable.
Squeeze between two layers of carbon tape some silver from the syringe, insert the bare wire, squeeze glue place until the glue is completely dry.

Step 4:

Put strips of no-sew hem tape along the entire length of the wire. Fold the edge of the fabric and press iron.

Step 5:

Put contour fabric no-sew hem tape.
Cover with second piece of cloth and gently press the iron over the whole area.

Step 6:

Solder the plug. I connect it to the power supply from my laptop. Work is finished.
Blanket ready:)

Step 7:

Blanket consumes about 40 watts. This power is enough not only for home beds, but also for a sleeping bag in a campaign. Then I connect the blanket to a battery 12 volts.

Blanket is a comfortable shelter, but it can also be put on a mattress under a sheet.

Step 8:

Blanket can be embedded in a duvet cover, but also you can be covered by it alone.

Let my warm save you from danger,
And you'll never cry,
Close your eyes and sleep, my angel,
Sleep, dear, rock-a-bye.

During the day I use it to cover my feet in a chair.

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Answer 4 months ago

I hope you means how to connect wires to carbon. For the best result you should glue it with a silver electrical conductive glue.
This blanket draws ~40 Watts. Run time depends on your batteries power. Time = Battery capasity : 40
For example, if you will use a battery of 100 Watts the run time = 100:40=2,5 hours.


7 months ago

Hi there, very interesting instructables, thanks very much for them!

It is kind of hard to understand parts of them, though. Do you have an editor?

3 replies

Reply 7 months ago

I'd be happy to help with that if you wouldn't mind exchanging for some carbon flex tape.


Question 11 months ago on Step 6

Is it normal that when I contact the bare wire to the carbon tape that sparking or arcing occurs? If I use alligator clips as the contact it works fine with no sparks, but the stripped wire sparks and smokes.

5 answers

Answer 11 months ago

It isn't normal you contact the bare wire to the carbon tape, don't do it, please:)

You should make reliable connection then power it only. Alligator suitable just for a test, all of optoins you can find on in "Connection".

Jack A LopezShenzhen

Reply 11 months ago

Here's a direct link to that page,

and here's a list of the links in that page,

To me, the gist of this seems to be that you always want a current spreader, to give more contact area.

Actually, you could maybe express this idea more precisely, by recommending a number, for a maximum ratio of current to area of contact, like maybe about 1 ampere per square cm (1 A/cm^2). That's a rough guess, just from looking at your pictures.

My intuition would be to make the current spreader from old coins. For example, the pre-1982, US, copper penny, is easy to find where I live. Also I am imagining, drilling holes through the center two of these coins, and bolting the coins together, with the carbon tape sandwiched in between.


Reply 7 months ago

Hi I work in a very cold factory and was looking to make a heated t shirt using this tape. I live in Ireland. What sort of article do u need


Reply 8 months ago

As you can see we place it zigzag shape "VVVVV". Length depends on voltage. At 12v for one "V" we used about 1,5 meters. Less length means more temperature.

We used 5 "V" for our zigzag. Total length is 7,5 meters. More "V" makes it more comfortable, more powerfull but reduce battery time.


Question 1 year ago

Does the bare wire only make contact with the carbon tape at one location?

3 answers

Answer 1 year ago

6 connection points marked with white circles.


Reply 12 months ago

Also, if an edge of the carbon tape is frayed, would you recommend taping over it or using a lighter to singe the edges?


Reply 12 months ago

A lighter... :)

Silver glue is the only way to make it perfect and reliable.


Answer 1 year ago

Yes, we used it not only for dog but even for cat and chiken.

Carbon tape can heat at any voltage from 1 to 1000 or more but using power outlet required some knowledge from you.