DIY Cosplay Extendable Baton

Introduction: DIY Cosplay Extendable Baton

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this is a cosplay baton I made from a broken telescopic fishing rod(got it from someone, so I have no idea how much money it costs)
you could cosplay Aiden Pearce with this or someone else

I am not responsible for what you do with this!
check your country and or state laws if this is legal or not!

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

-a saw(both iron and normal will do)
-a ruler(to see how long it is)
-a (broken) telescopic or folding fishing rod(a wooden one ofcourse!)
-(optional) a (rubber) ring for the hand guard

grab the (broken) rod and saw it in the wanted length(mines 35cm collapsed and 65cm extended) be sure to saw the biggest part a bit longer!

now put ductape on the bottom to the rod can`t go out, and use ductape for grip if wanted

now put a LITTLE bit of ductape on the tip so it stays in

and done it is!

Step 2: How to Extend/collaps It

to extend; swing it away from you will extend(tapping it against your hand/knee will help losening it if it`s stuck)

to collapse; hit the tip against the ground a few times to make it lose

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