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When my family told me I should "buy a bed/bedroom made out of solid wood that will last for 30 years" I went ballistic because I live in belief that nobody needs a bed (or any other piece of furniture) to last that long. What I need is something ultra cheap, recyclable, easy to build and dismantle but at the same time keeping the contemporary and modern look of today's geek :) Here's what I came up with...

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Step 1: 3D Model/sketch

As most of the things I do, everything started as a 3D model in Rhinoceros. After a few experiments, mainly related to palettes orientation, this layout was chosen because it gives a perfect dimension fit on EU standard family bed size: 160x200 cm.

Step 2: Tools and Materials

Again, as for the DIY knife rack a plan was to build everything with just a few tools and materials - easy and simple so that any student or DIY enthusiast can do it in one weekend. Sanding is the biggest task when working with palette furniture - prepare yourself for a day of sanding experience. Also choosing the ones with really good wood is crucial if you want to get good results.

- electrical sander(s)
- paint brush
- sand paper

- 4 x wooden standard size palettes (in EU its 120 x 80 x 14.5 cm)
- about 2l of paint
- optionaly one cord with light bulb socket and a switch

Step 3: Paint and Assembly

After you sanded your palettes, paint them in color you like - I used two paint system so I get "reflective" under bed area (white color reflects all the light). Then just arrange them to preferred layout and voila! You do not even need to fix palettes together because they are heavy and sturdy - everything stays in place, no matter how hard you roll or jump on the bed :)

As a finishing "romantic" touch I took out the light bulb cord with a switch from an old lamp, just staple it to palettes leg and that's it.

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3 years ago

Hi vojtaS1 is there any way of having English instructions for the bed with lights thanks


4 years ago on Introduction

hey man, really nice tutorial! I'm definitely doing this, but I have a major concern that i suppose doesn't affect you guys that much as it does to me. I live in brazil, which, as any other tropical country, has a lot more of insects and bugs around. So, my question is, how is it with dust and bugs under inside of that pallette frame? I mean that bed frame you guys made seems great, but it also seems that it would be really easy to get dust and small bugs and that kinda stuff. What you guys think?

good sanding + that sticky foamy mats will do the trick...Oh yeah, the pallets are so heavy and sturdy, they do not move an inch, no matter what you floor is safe ;)


6 years ago

I love your use of pallets! What type of places do you find pallets. This is definitely a project I want to try.

1 reply

well there's bunch of places where you can buy these palettes - companies who work in construction and transport will have them on stock regularly...And you also have companies producing them everywhere...


6 years ago on Introduction

wow...that is crazy awesome. thinking about lights blinking to music when you play it in the room or adding motion detectors.

1 reply
GEEK factory

6 years ago on Introduction

Yami tnx 4 Q: the total height is 36cm (14.5 for the palette and 21.5 4 the mattress) which is a bit lower (approx. 5-10cm) than standard bed height.

Basically if you are more than 190cm tall you will miss those few cm...

GEEK factory

6 years ago on Introduction

Tnx 4 the input...glad you like my work...I was trying to take a "night" picture as bright as possible - this is the best my camera can do. If you go fwd to step 3 there are some "daytime" pics.

Off topic: you think it would be better if I post daytime pic as the leading one on the first page?


6 years ago on Introduction

Wow this looks great - wish the picture was brighter - even though it looks cool to see the light below.