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Introduction: DIY Georgette Ruffled Top

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Here's how I turned an old georgette 'dupatta' scarf into a cute upcycled ruffled top!

(Worn with a camisole).

Inspiration: I came across an old dupatta which my mom wasn't using any more, so I decided to test my sewing skills ..and you can see the result here in this video! :D

Cost involved: Minimal since I used a scarf that was discarded. Though if you buy the same cloth, it would still be one fifth of the cost of a similar top you'd find in the market!

I have now added picture instructions along with the video!

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Step 1: Materials

1. Sheer cloth- 1.5 to 2 m (georgette in my case)

2. Sewing machine with matching thread.

3. Elastic cord (half centimetre wide)

4. Paper to draw the pattern on.

5. Scissors

Step 2: Pattern for the Upper Section

1. Draw this pattern onto a paper

2. Fold the cloth in half, and cut along the outline, so you will have two pieces of cloth in the same pattern.

Step 3: Stitch the Top Section

1. Stitch the front and back sections together and turn the top right side out.

2. hem the edges (except the lower section) to make it look neat.

3. Now theres the lower section which we'll work on next.

Step 4: Lower Section

We have two squares of cloth left now

We'll make two similar units from both

1. Fold the cloth about one third from the edge of the square.

2. Sew about a centimeter away from the fold, along it's length.

3. You'll see a channel has been made

Step 5: Elastic Cord

Cut an elastic cord equal in length to the yoke.

Pass this cord through the tube.

Repeat this and the previous step for the second unit.

Step 6: Combining the Upper and Lower Sections

Stitch together the three units that we made.

Step 7: Putting Front and Back Together

Now stitchj along the sides of the front and back sections of your top.

Step 8: Trim the Bottom Edges

Trim the bottom of your top according to the desired length and hem it

Step 9: Done!

We made a cute ruffled top, and that too with minimal cost!


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    Ooo the top is so pretty! If you add some photos and more text about why you decided to make the top it can really up your game on instructables and help get you more views! Welcome to instructables, and I hope we see more from you in the future!