DIY Headphone Adapter (with MIC and REMOTE) for Smartphones




Intro: DIY Headphone Adapter (with MIC and REMOTE) for Smartphones

This video shows the explanation of a DIY project:

An adaptor that connects to the audio input of any smartphone. This adaptor has a microphone and a button, allowing the user to connect any headphones (your personal, expensive fancy ones) and at the same time have the feature of pausing/playing the music and answering phone calls with the button and talking on the phone with the mic. 
This project is also useful if you connect your phone to your car's audio AUX input while driving.
This adaptor costs less than 2$ to make.

for more information check depotbassam's blog



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    Nice Instructable! I just realised it is very similar to my own (inline audio controls), just you have the microphone, and I have track skipping.

    I didn't think to put a mic on my cable, defiantly going to be in the next revision I think.

    Great format for your Instructable too. Very clear and accurate, interesting and great music too!

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    Thank you! It is indeed very similar to your instructable but without the track skipping.
    Combining your instructable to mine we would have an ideal Headphone setup with track skipping and microphone! :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    hello there.
    the connector you can find it in radioshak or at any local electronics store.
    It is GND and it means ground


    6 years ago on Introduction

    From where to get the connecter? and what's GNB? I'm quite new :/