DIY Iphone 4 Case

Introduction: DIY Iphone 4 Case

Okay, this is not exactly A CASE, but for what is worth, it will shield the stainless steel band from the hyped up antenna issue and protect it from getting scratched. 

For the back, I leave the clear plastic sheet that ships with the phone (actually I doubled up and apply the front plastic sheet on top of the back one) and cut the tab so it wont stick out.

You can use a three hole punch to punch out two holes for the camera and the flash.

Step 1: You Will Need

electrical tape
utility knife

Step 2: Electrical Tape

Cut a piece of electrical tape to 40 cm x 1 cm
Cut a 4.5 cm x 0.3 cm hole somewhere.  This will be the opening for the bottom speaker, mic, and ipod connector.  The location depends on where you want to seam ends up.  I decided to have the seam on the simslot side so I cut this slot about 6 cm from one end of the tape.

Step 3: Simply Align the Slot With the Bottom Speaker, Mic, and Ipod Connection

It may take a couple trials.  Be patient.  Electrical tape is very forgiving for retaping.  Apply some mild tension for best result.

Step 4: What About the Other "holes" Needed to Cut

When you get to the volume controls, reduce the tension you apply onto the tape.
Briefly cover the mute button, use the utility knife to lightly nick the margins of the mute button.  Then put that portion of the tape on your cutting mat (or desk) and cut a small rectangular hole.  Resume wrapping.
Repeat for the other holes.  I dont use the headphone jack so I just cover it.  But you do need to open a small hole for the top noise-canceling mic though.
When you come to the on/off button, again reduce tension.
Leave 1 cm overlap with the tape ends.

Step 5: That's It!

Should take you no more than 30 minutes

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    3 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Actually I got a look at the free case Apple is giving out. It is pretty good looking. It is a plastic and rubber band that only covers the stainless parts. It is tight and looks like it was originally made that way.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    The problem with electrical tape is, the adhesive separates from the tape. Even the best brands. (Scotch) If any tension is added when putting it on, the tape will relax back to its resting position. The glue stays where it is leaving a mess. You would be much better off painting it with liquid tape or enamel. There are some really nice rubberized enamels. Just make sure you clean it well with alcohol first. Mask the front, back and the openings/ports. Spray light coats, about 4 or 5 should do.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. No argument there. Yup I agree that liquid tape is a very viable option. Thank you. Since the "antenna issue" appears to originate from closing the circuits between the two antenna systems, I am also considering to only cover the bottom portion (i.e., from one bottom black line --> the other). This will not cover any of the holes so as long as you apply only minimal tension on the tape, it shouldn't migrate. I will probably use a thinner (perhaps another type of ) tape so I wont feel its edge. Thanks again.