DIY "mostly Aluminium" CNC Router for Woodworking




I'd love to show you some music videos of building CNC router process. Those are my very first videos so it might be a little bit boring sometimes (like making electrical wires etc), but i'm still learning to make it more interesting and suprising, so if you like it please subscribe :)

So, machine is designed by me in Fusion360, mostly for woodworking and light materials. But i'm hoping to cut some aluminium with this router which i think should be possible with approx 1 or 1,5 mm cut depth. After test cuts in aluminium composite sheets i'm pretty shure that should be no problem. Router is very light designed, and uses mostly cheap materials, bearings, linear rails, and stuff because precision i need doesn't have to be more accurate than 0.1 mm. So i don't had to make base frame like big fat tank.

Costs are approx. 1200$ with 1,3m x 0,9m of work area (which can be a bit bigger because of long ball screws, but all aluminium profiles should be then replaced with longer ones).

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:



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    5 Discussions


    14 days ago

    Hi, great project. Is there a fusion360 model and BOM to go with it :)?

    1 reply

    Reply 13 days ago

    Hi! Fusion360 project s here:
    But beware, there's many things that i would do better now when machine is almost done. For example: work table made from 30x60 aluminium profiles is not a very good idea. I'm now struggling with it's "softness" and looking for any way to make it a lot stiffer. Which is not so easy now without reconstructing some things (a lot of time needed) or paying extra money (around 300-400$).
    I dont have BOM unfortunately, but almost everything is on project ;)


    14 days ago

    Ciao my friend,
    very wonderful job. About the aluminium profiles, where did you buy them?

    1 reply

    Reply 14 days ago

    Hi! Project was based on ITEM 60x30 profiles, but unfortunately by mistake i bought some chinesse noname crap. Thats's why on second part i had to drill almost all holes to different diameter. On freshly cutted aluminium sheets... ;) But it works!