DIY Quadcopter




With this instructable I will show you how to make an quadcopter yourself. The parts are made by an 3D printer and some soldering. This tutorial will show you how to make it!

For this Quadcopter I used these materials:

And the used tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Lasercutter ( I used this for making the body of the first prototype. This one was too big for the engines I used, maybe I will finish this one another time with bigger engines.)
  • 3d-printer
  • Soldering iron
  • Up! Plus 2 3d-Printer

Step 1: Make an Sketch for the Body

For the first step I have drawn an 3-d frame. This frame is downloadable in the instructable. You can easily upload this file into the program you use for your 3-d printer. Now wait till the frame is printed.

As you can see there are 4 holes for screws, I created these holes for an extra part I printed. This extra part is an protection plate for the print and battery.

Step 2: Soldering the Engines

First I started to place the engines in the right order. there are two different engines (one with black/white wires and one with red/blue wires.) In the sketch you can see which wire has to sold where on the receiver print plate.

  • The front-left enige is an black/white wired one. (m4)
  • The front-right engine is an red/blue wired one. (m3)
  • The back-left engine is an red/blue wired one. (m2)
  • The back-right engine is an black/white wired one. (m1)

Step 3: Assemble the Parts Together

After I soldered the parts together I placed them onto the frame. First put the engines in the right place after that you can (hot)glue the wires onto the frame, this will hold them in place.

Assembling from the two body parts was easy. This was just placing the two parts on top of each other and connect them with an bolt.

Step 4: Fly!

Fly the drone!



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    4 Discussions

    alex zepeda

    2 years ago

    Hello martijnnr, I would like to know if you can use the Hubsan H107-A02-PRO propellers for this quadcopter, in advance thanks.

    anand o b

    2 years ago

    Which is the tranitter used in this quad


    3 years ago

    So this doesn't require ESCs at all?


    Nice tutorial. If you can, you should copy the PDF content into the instructable. That way people can view it without downing the pdf/