DODOcase IPad2 Auto-Sleep Mod




Introduction: DODOcase IPad2 Auto-Sleep Mod

This is quite a simple modification to the DODOcase for the iPad2 to enable it to give the auto-sleep feature when you close the case which can be done in less than 2 minutes.

Items needed:

-Xacto Knife or another Sharp Blade

-A Small Strong Magnet(mine is about 6mm circular neodymium magnet about .5mm thick. Shape shouldn't matter much just thinner is better)

-Glue or Double sided tape

Step 1)

Where to place the Magnet - Measuring from the Top of the DODOcase 81.2mm(3.2in) down

Step 2)

Carefully slide your blade under the colored portion of the material (the green part on mine) to make an opening centering it at roughly 81.2mm to fit your magnet. 

Step 3)

Slide the magnet into the slot you have made and place a small bit of glue on the material to seal it back together (or double sided tape in my case since i couldn't find any glue at the time)

Step 4)

Enjoy your DODOcase more with the auto-sleep function!

 (one source of fairly cheap magnets online.)  

I'm fairly sure a smaller magnet as long as it's strong would work just as well, and this magnet I am using does not touch the glass of the iPad when the case closes so there is no chance of any scratching or leaving a mark of any kind. 

In the Images the magnet appears to really stand out but in your hand it is barely noticeable. 

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    Cool, thanks for the measurements of where to put the magnet. I'm trying to make a case for my iPad using an old hardcover book and didn't know where to put the magnet on the front cover.