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Introduction: DSLR Shoulder Rig

After surfing the World Wide Web and coming up empty handed I figured I'd design one myself. "Design what?" you are probably asking yourself and the answer to that question is a DSLR Shoulder Rig. If you haven't noticed it costs upwards of $200 to buy a half decent shoulder stabilizer for a DSLR and personally i think thats Horse Poo. So what I did was find a basic rig and build one myself. Its obvious by the pictures how it was done. That is why i don't have a step by step explanation on how i made it. The entire thing is pretty self explanatory when you take a look at the pictures. Something i do want to add to it though is a quick release so i don't end up damaging the threads on the bottom of my camera from taking it on and off several times. In total this entire project cost be $25. The $25 dollars includes all the threaded rod, nuts, and washers. All the teak that i used was salvaged from a local business scrap pile. I also took a cold shoe off of my old video camera and put it on the bottom. That is how my microphone is mounted. Eventually i want to add other attachments such as lights and a place to put my Zoom H4.

Shopping List

3 - 5/16 18 24inch threaded rod
25 - 5/16 18 nuts
25 - 5/16 washers
1- 13inch by 1 1/2inch wide aluminum
1 - foam pipe insulation
1 - rubber washer
20 - 3/4 flat washers
1 - 1/4 20 thumb screw
1 - 1/4 20 wing nut
2 - 5/16 18 2inch bolts
1 - 5/16 18 5inch bolt



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    hi man...i'm Italian, can you write the european measures of the shopping list??? thank you!

    I'm about to build this rig and bought all the parts, but I'm having trouble on the wood. So to make sure I buy the right wood could you give me the dimensions of the wood? Other than that this looks awesome and can't wait to use it!

    2 replies

    I made it up as I went, but the 4 pieces of wood along the top rails are all the same size. Looking back the front piece that holds all 3 rails would be stronger if it was 1 piece instead of 2 glued together (Like I did). Other than that I did my best to space the rods to industry standard 15mm rail system shoulder rigs. I dont have measurements for anything because like I said I made it up as I went along. The most important part is insuring that all the holes in each piece all line up or you will run into several problems.

    I love the look of your rig and I've been inspired to make one like this here soon. Do you foresee any problems I may encounter if I use bamboo opposed to the aluminum?

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    Bamboo is not a consistant width all the way down and without threads you wouldnt be able to use nuts to secure the blocks in place.

    Anyway you can send the instructions by email? don't have the funds to do pro right now and build your sweet creation!

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    My whole instructable is just pictures. Its just blocks of teak with evenly drilled holes spaced for each piece. Threaded rod nuts washers and wood. Pretty self explanatory.

    So does the camera part slide back/forward on this?

    And you mentioned you're moving the mic to take advantage of the shock mount? What is the shock mount?

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    I use a Rode VideoMic Pro that uses a shock mount. when its mounted on the bottom like it is in the picture the shock mount is mounted upside-down and moves around to much. So by placing it on the top of the hand grip then it will work the way it was designed to work.


    All the pieces can be adjusted because they are all mounted on the threaded rod. all u need to do is move the nuts, slide the wood, and tighten them back up.

    Cool. Great reply, thanks.

    Would wingnuts help with moving on the thread rod?

    What about an H4n wriststrap? Or beltstrap?


    yes wing nuts would help but I'm pretty sure u can't get wings nuts as tight. once u adjusted it to where u want it there really is no need for the ability to listen the nuts.
    What about an H4n Wrist Strap?

    I see. Thanks.

    You were looking for a way to mount the H4n to this, but there's nowhere to put it? I've seen some people mount the audio recorder to their wrists, like a football QB's playbook. Just a thought.

    thats a good idea and all but i want to be able to mount it to the rig itself if its on my rise more chance for it to pick up unwanted noise.

    Yeah, perhaps you'll be able to rig it up where the mic was. Maybe suspended on rubber-bands for shock absorption?

    Right. You need to use Professional Rubber bands!!!

    I did mean something like this, though: