DVD: Cover Replacement

Introduction: DVD: Cover Replacement

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Have you ever bought a DVD and have it have some horrendous cover art? Well, I get them all the time! However, they are easily replaceable. In this Instructable, I'm not going to make a prop replica. I am going to do a quick little step by step on how to replace your DVD Cover.

Todays DVD: Mothra

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Step 1: Find Your Cover

The DVD I got was a collection of 4 movies, But I only bought it to have Mothra in my Godzilla collection. The art is cool, But doesn't specifically say "Mothra" on it. I looked online and found a good complete cover. If you cand find one for the movie of your choice, you can always make your own.

Step 2: Print That Sucker!

Now, size the cover to your liking and print it out. Take the cover you already have and put it on top to make sure it is the right size. Now tape the old cover onto the new one and cut out around the old cover. This makes sure it will fit in the case.

Step 3: Done

Put it in the case and you are done! I know this is a short Instructable, but I did the whole thing in about 20 mins! If you want to see more replicas, follow me. More Builds to Come!

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    5 years ago

    Awesome idea! Bonus points for Mothra!