DYI Paracord Hat Clip to Keep Your Hat From Blowing Away




Introduction: DYI Paracord Hat Clip to Keep Your Hat From Blowing Away

I purchased a store bought hat clip years ago and loved the ability to have my hat secured if the wind got too strong.  Years later, I've gotten into making things with paracord (550 chord) and thought of making one out of some of my favorite colors of paracord.  This is an easy project and can take less than 10 minutes to make.

The idea of the clip is to clip it on your hat and shirt or other garment you are wearing.  If the wind gets too strong and knocks your hat off, then it will be caught by the clips.  While camping, my friend found that the clips made a great hat holder by slinging the parachord it over the makeshift clothes line that was running down the length of the tent and attaching both clips to the hat.  Removing and reattaching one end allowed a quick hang of the hat.

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Step 1: Items Needed

Items needed:
Rounded needle nose pliers (or regular needle nose, but the rounded ones make a nice rounded loop)
Wire cutter - not shown as one is attached to my pliers
Small strips of paracord - 6 inches or longer
Lighter (or matches to burn the ends of the chord)
Clips (this example uses clips found at a hobby store, though similar clips are sold attached to rings to hold shower curtains) - Item shown is Darice Dangler Clips Nickel BV item 1969-99.  Alligator Clips can be used, but I was not able to find ones I liked that were small enough yet had a strong spring.

Step 2: Take a Clip and Remove Excess Wire

Use the wire clipper to remove the excess wire off the clip.  I cut between the straightest part and the first bend.

Step 3: Curl the Remaining Wire on the End of the Clip.

With the pliers, curl the ends of both clips.  Leave the curled ends open enough to allow room for the paracord to be slipped in.

Step 4: Tie a Overhand Knot at the End of Both Ends of the Paracord.

Cut the desired length of paracord and fuse the ends with the lighter or other flame.

Tie an overhand knot in each end of the cord.  The knot should be very close at the cord.

Step 5: Slip the Cord Into the Curl of the Clips and Crimp

Slip the paracord into the loop on the clip.  The loop should be close to the knot.

Crimp the loop around the paracord to secure the clips on each end.

Step 6: Attach to the Back of Your Hat.

Attach to the back of your hat.  Put you hat on and clip the loose end onto your shirt or other secure garment.


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    2 years ago

    If you remove the hook completely (instead of just shortening it) and tie the cord directly to the clip (to the pin with the spring), the whole thing would look nicer. Though you cord may be too thick to fit in there but you could always use a thinner cord. A thick cord isn't really needed for just a cap retainer.

    we use these a lot when sailing. They are so usefull. I would like to make fancier ones but worried they will be too heavy! Any tips?