Da Best Voted Weapons of 2009!!




Introduction: Da Best Voted Weapons of 2009!!

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#1: TR18 : 26 points
#2: Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle: 23 points
#3:  The Logic Bow: 11 points

credit to Knexfreek's hellslayer too:
He voted 3 times for his hellslayer right after I posted this ible(he would have won if I waited a little longer), but since I hadn't said the election was closed yet he kinda deserves the third place too.

Congratulations to KillerK, Oblivitus and Logic boy (and knexfreek)



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    I won't, I don't really care about the rating of this, I just think these contests are interesting! but at least you tell me what you rated

    Congrats to you too, after all you were the one to make the instructable for the #1 gun of 2009

    Lol, thanks. Although it still really is 100% KillerK's gun.

    By the way, did you know it has reached 4.27?

    yeah, it's the highest now (though your hole puncher is the runner up, have a look, it's going up really  quickly)

    Yup. I was originally going to post it, but I let Shadowy post it because Im more known than him.

    well, he's a lucky guy, it got featured, that's his third featured Ible!!
    how many featured do you have actually?