Da Vinci Junior (Jr) Firmware Downgrade

Introduction: Da Vinci Junior (Jr) Firmware Downgrade

This process will let you load firmware on the XYZ Da Vinci Jr Printer. The Step are for Windows. Step 13 has a method for changing firmware on a Mac.

Step 1: Checking Your Printer Firmware Version

On the printer display at the home screen. Scroll down to the "INFO" options and press the OK button.

Step 2: Checking Your Printer Firmware Version Continued.

Scroll down to "SYSTEM VERSION" and press the OK button. This screen will tell you the firmware version the printer is running.

Step 3: Changing Your Printer Firmware

In order to change your printer firmware you will need to download the file attached with this step to get what we have been calling XYZware with advanced mode enabled. This is an older version of the software that has a special advanced mode enabled that gives you much more control over the printer. The advanced mode has manual controls for your printer, a gcode editor that can allow you to manually change temperature settings, speeds, and many other controls. It also allows you to load firmware from a file instead of downloading from the server.

The first step is to download the attached file, unzip the file and save it in a place on your computer.

Step 4: Loading XYZware With Advanced Mode.

You will need to browse to your program file which are typically on your c: drive and select the "Program File" or "Program Files (x86)" depending on your computer and setup.

Once in the Program Files scroll down to and select the "XYZware" Folder and select it.

Once in the XZYware folder replaced the xyz.exe file with the one downloaded in the last step. Just copy and paste the file downloaded over the existing file.

Step 5: XYZware Advanced Mode

Once you have copied into the folder you should be able to open XYZWare as you have in the past. Please see the picture on this step. The area to the right with tabs and options will be the confirmation that you have successfully loaded the software.

Step 6: Loading New Firmware

Attached to this step are 2 files of past firmware. Please download the file you would like and save it on your computer.

Step 7: Putting the Printer in Bootloaders Mode

In order to Upload older firmware you will need to put the printer in bootloader mode. Press and hold both the up and down arrow on the control pad and while holding both buttons turn the printer on. When the printer loads the screen will say "Bootloader" on the screen as shown in the picture for this step.

Step 8: Loading Firmware

Open XYZWare with advanced mode. Then selected the "?" icon at the top of the window.

Step 9: Loading Firmware

Once the About window loads select the "Firmware Upgrade" Button.

Step 10: Loading Firmware

When the popup loads saying new version available, upgrade now select the "No" option, so that you can select the firmware you want to load.

Step 11: Loading Firmware

Once you say no it will load an explorer box. At this time select folders to get to the location where you saved the firmware file you want to load and select the file.

Step 12: Loading Firmware

Once you have selected the file the firmware should load. The above screen should appear showing you are loading and after 30 to 45 seconds the printer should restart and your new firmware should be loaded.

Please ask any questions in the comments and let me know if something isn't working quite right.

Step 13: Mac Firmware Changing

I have not confirmed with process personally, but here is the short version reported for changing firmware on mac.

It was done using Mac version of XYZWare (latest), so no special "advanced mode" required.

Open XYZware.

Put the printer in "Bootloader" Mode

In XYZware while holding the Alt/Options key click in the "?" icon.

In the about screen while holding the Alt/Options key click the "Firmware Upgrade Buttton"

This will open Finder - locate the firmware file and select it and the firmware should update.

Please ask any questions in the comments - anyone that can verify this please say so in the comments.



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    25 Discussions


    I have 2.2.7. and doesn`t work. Did anyone find the solution?? Thanks!

    I tried to update the printer by following all the steps, but it remains in version 2.3.3 and does not want to know anything


    j'ai un systeme 2.3.1 et ca marche pas l'imprimante reste en bootloader

    On Mac just open the software, click on "?" button, and hold "fn+alt" while click on "Firmware Upgrade Button" to obtain the system file dialog. I tried to downgrade from 2.2.7 to 2.2.0... of course it didn't work, i'm still on 2.2.7.

    Thanks for the instructable!, King regards.

    Will this work with Firmware version 2.2.8? I made the mistake of upgrading the firmware


    2 years ago

    It doesnt work for my Printer (Version 2.2.7). The Software at the PC says that it has updated (without an error), but its still version 2.2.7.

    Has anybody a suggestion for me?


    4 replies

    Please provide more information. Is your printer a basic Da Vinci Jr or the wifi model? Does it allow you to select the file for a different firmware? Did you get the printer to go into bootloader mode? Please describe what you are experiencing.

    Its a basic printer. Your advances xyz.exe allows me to choose the firmware and it says me that, it flashing the firmware while the printer is in the bootloader mode. Every of your steps work, except that the printer doesnt restart after flashing and after this process, the printer says still that the version is 2.2.7.

    The problem appears for 2.2.0.bin and 2.2.4.bin

    I will test it tomorrow again.

    si tienes 2.2.7 o posterior no se puede yo hice downgrade sin problemas de la version 2.2.6

    If i start the printer in the bootloader the software says that it has version 1.0.1 instead of 1.0.0.

    Maybe the new bootloader avoid downgrade?


    1 year ago

    How do you open in Advanced Mode ?

    I can confirm I see the same issue when I updated to 2.2.7 it would not longer allow me to change the firmware. It appears they put a block in downgrading firmware at least in the way we are showing above to downgrade. For the record it acts just like it did when I felt I had "too long" of a file name for the firmware, so I'm guessing it might be looking for a certain file name to downgrade the firmware.

    2 replies

    creo que los problemas vienen de los firmwares 2.2.0 y 2.2.4

    Do you have an idea how we could solve it?

    I will check tomorrow, whether a error come through the "com port".

    hola buenas ninguno de los dos firmware se me cargan en la impresora , cuando intento meter los firmware me dan error.

    1 reply

    tengo el firmware 2.2.8 y estoi intentando meter el 2.2.0 y me da error en la impresora y con el 2.2.4 me dice lo mismo q debo hacer contestad gracias.

    Thanks for this. I have actually used this method to upgrade from 2.2.0 to 2.2.4 to see if it will resolve my spool error issues i have been having since i got my printer 2 weeks ago.

    First thought it was the sample spool that came with the unit's chip, then bought a fresh XYZ filament spool with new RFID tag with the hope that it will resolve the issue, but still getting spool errors all over the place.

    Hopefully 2.2.4 will resolve this issue.

    There is no solution ?


    2 years ago

    Same problem here. cant downgrade from 2.2.7 this sucks. i wanted to buy a code from you. i tried both firmwares and no luck. no reset or anything. and the original filament is over double the price here in denmark :(


    2 years ago

    I have the same problem. the display is bootloader but nothing happens.
    the software says update is ready. but is still the same firmware 2.2.7