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The fuzzy ends of dandelions. Wouldn't it be cool if you could preserve one forever in a chunk of plastic?!

that's what those fuzzy things are called. dandelion clocks.

pretty cool huh?

This is a great project to do with kids. they will need some adult supervision but it's generally pretty safe.

then every kid can take a wish with them where ever they go.

Step 1: Collect Dandelions

I collected a bunch before they had opened and let them open in my shop. It's easier to keep them whole that way.

Step 2: This Is the Secret to Success

i tried and tried to do this. for days and days, until i found out that you could spray the dandelion with clear spray paint first! it works and holds them together perfectly!

Step 3: Hang the Dandilions Up to Dry.

the clear spray paint doesnt need long as it's just a dusting. but. if you rest them on your work space they may still fall apart. hanging them is the safest way to keep them intact.

Step 4: Get Forms

i used these easter eggs from the dollar store but you can use any flexible plastic container.

Step 5: Coat the Inside of the Plastic Container With Some Sort of Greasy Thing

I saw people using vaseline etc as a mould release, I used chapstick and it seemed to work

Step 6: Set Up Your Moulds So You're Ready to Pour

Step 7: Mix Up the 2-part Resin, Mix It Well But Don't Introduce Bubbles

this was the second hardest part. if someone has a good way to mix clear resin without introducing bubbles I wanna know about it.

Step 8: Coat the Inside of the Mould

Step 9: Put the Dandelion in and Cover It Slowly With Resin.

it may want to float so be patient and cover it slowly. if you pour a lot on the dandelion might fall apart

Step 10: Hang Up the Stems

I found that If i didn't do this the dandelion would float and the stem would get all wonky. taping the stems to the wall worked perfectly!

in about 48 hrs you can demould the dandelions and have a cool paperweight.

you can also cut the resin castings in half and make cool jewelry and other objects.

Step 11: Here's an Example of What You Can Make.

I made this little one so a friend can make it into a pendant.

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    Tip 3 months ago

    I put my resin into squirty sauce bottles. I then place them into a rice cooker, so they are sitting in water. I poke an electronic meat thermometer down the neck of one of the bottles and heat resin to 32C or 90F. This reduces the viscosity, making bubbles less likely to remain while mixing. Use a non-porous (plastic) stirred to mix, and never whip the resin when mixing, as this adds bubbles. When pouring the resin onto a mold, let it dribble down the side of the mold.


    4 years ago

    perhaps try a heat gun or small torch to rid those pesky air bubbles. after pouring the epoxy, a little heat, from the top, makes the bubbles rise to the surface and pop. careful epoxy can catch fire.


    4 years ago

    This is neat. Add a photo of the finished piece.