Davy Jones Halloween Costume

Introduction: Davy Jones Halloween Costume

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*Mask: Liquid latex, Acrylic paint (black, red, white, yellow, green), stuffing, straws, string, aluminum foil, clay, Styrofoam head, foam board, circle cereal, hot glue gun, balloon.

*Claw: Cardboard, paper maché (newspaper, flour, water), paint (red, brown, black), scrap material, and a hot glue gun.

*Hat: Cheap sunhat, flour, water, newspaper, yellow and brown acrylic paint, hot glue, black

*Clothing: A pair of black pants, a black long jacket, sea shells, hot glue, yellow acrylic paint, clay, moss, long strip of black material for belt, cheap sword from dollar store.

*Peg Leg: Cardboard, acrylic paint (red, black, brown), paper maché (newspaper, flour, water), wire, Velcro.

*Right Hand: Latex pair of gloves, liquid latex, acrylic paint (black, red, white, yellow, green), hot glue gun, stuffing, wire.

Step 1: Make the Mask

*There are many steps to the mask, so to keep this instructable condensed I have created a separate instructable for the mask--> https://www.instructables.com/id/Davy-Jones-Mask-W...

*Basic steps for the mask:

*Form clay on Styrofoam head in shape of Davy Jones' head and bases of tentacles

*Create tentacles using aluminum foil, cover in clay and add cheerios for the suction cups

*Add 12 layers of liquid latex to the mask head with the last 2 layers being a mixture of latex and paint

*Add 6 layers of liquid latex to the tentacles with the last 2 layers being a mixture of latex and paint

*Add foam/inserts to ensure mask maintains shape

*Cut eye/mouth holes

*Stuff tentacles and attach to mask (Add string + a straw if you want the tentacles to be able to move)

Step 2: Create the Hat

*I have also made a separate instructable for the Davy Jones Hat ---> https://www.instructables.com/id/Davy-Jones-Pirate-Hat/

*Basic steps:

*Get cheap sunhat and form into desired shape using thread, tape, and cardboard.

*Paper maché

*Maché with black material

*Paint boarder with yellow acrylic paint

*Attach moss and shells to hat using a hot glue gun

Step 3: Create Moveable Claw

*For lots of details on how-to make this claw click here--->https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Mach%C3%A9-Claw/

*Basic steps:

*Draw shapes on cardboard, make sure thumb part is separate. Trace and cut out so you have 2 of each piece.

*Tape together

*Make arm piece by drawing, tracing, cutting and taping as above.

*Paper maché

*Paint with acrylic paint

*Paint a piece of material to be the same colour as the claw parts

*Glue to arm and claw piece with a hot glue gun.

Step 4: Put Together Peg Leg and Pants

*Measure your lower leg from about the knee to the tip of your toe. Draw a long narrow triangular piece for this part of your leg on a piece of cardboard and cut out.

*Measure your thigh from about half way down to just past the knee. Create a piece of cardboard that can wrap around half of your thigh and will extend slightly past the knee.

*Paper maché both pieces using strips of newspaper ~1 inch wide and a mixture of water and flour about the consistency of thick cream. Dip the strip into the mixture and run between fingers to remove any excess liquid. Lay smoothly on cardboard. Overlay the strips until the entire surface is covered. Let dry.

*Paint both pieces with red, brown and black acrylic paint with the ends darker than the center.

*Grab your pair of black pants that you will be using. Davy Jones has the peg leg on the right leg. Cut off half of the right leg at about the knee area.

*Cut triangles into the end of the right leg so that it looks a bit old/frayed.

*Flip the pants inside out, and glue the thigh piece so that you can see some of it but part of it is also hidden inside of the pants. To flip right side out pull the pants through the hole, rather than trying to put the thigh piece through the leg as it is too big to fit.

*Cut 2 small pieces of wire and curl the edges so there is more surface at the end and they no longer have a sharp tip.

*Bend the wires so they are curved into a half circle.

*Using a hot glue gun, glue one wire to the top of the shin leg piece. Glue it so that it is horizontal (parallel with the floor).*Loop the second wire through the first one and re-position the shin piece on top of the thigh piece. Glue the second wire vertically along the bottom of the inside of the thigh piece. This will allow you to have some bending movement with the leg.

*Using the material that was cut off from the right leg, glue it to the inside of the shin piece.

*Attach some velcro to either sides so the material can be fastened behind your leg. This will help to hide your leg and create more of an illusion of having a real peg leg.

*Last thing to do, use some wet clay and smear it along the pants to make them look dirty. I found the best method was to wet the clay and rub it in one hand until the hand was grey then using a scrunching motion on the material.

*To walk, put your big toe behind the tip of the peg leg and take small steps. It'll make you look like you really have a peg leg!

Step 5: Make the Coat

*Cut the bottom of the jacket so that is is the right length.

*Cut narrow triangles on the bottom edge to make them look old and frayed.

*Paint a 1 cm boarder of yellow acrylic paint along all the front edges and collars. Do on both sides of the material (right side and inside out of jacket).

*Glue on some sea shells and moss to the shoulders as well as little bits here and there along the sleeves and front.

*Using clay method previously described, cover jacket in clay to make it look dirty.

Step 6: Make the Shirt and Belt

*Using an old black T-shirt cut a triangle at the bottom near where your belly button would be.

*Use clay method to make it dirty.

*For the belt, cut a long strip of black or red material and apply clay as well.

Step 7: Make Right Hand With Long Finger

*Get a pair of latex gloves

*Cut up the cuff of the left glove so that it will be about the width of your index finger once finished.

*Glue ends together with a hot glue gun

*Put in a piece of wire so it can be bent into shape.

*Stuff with stuffing so it holds it's structure.

*Glue onto index finger of right glove.

*Paint entire glove with a mixture of liquid latex and red/black/yellow-green paint (about 1:1 ratio of latex to paint). If you have any left over paint/latex mixtures from the mask this is perfect.

*Let dry but make sure none of the fingers are touching

*Cover with corn starch so that the glove is no longer sticky.

*Bend long finger into a curled position.

Step 8: Put It All Together

*Put it together and what do you get? Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

*Put on your costume, take a look in the mirror. You won't recognize yourself, it'll be weird :P

*Take it out for a stroll and enjoy your handiwork!

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    2 years ago

    Very cool! And so much work in it! Voted for you!


    2 years ago

    You did an awesome job on the claw and the tentacles :)