Introduction: DeadM0rty

"Moooorty, check out this legally safe knock off of some DJ's head I made."

I based this project off of other projects such as the DeadMau5 head and spent a good amount of time planning and modeling this head in Blender. I based Morty's head off of the face in "Goodbye Moonmen" and "Mascot Morty" from the video game.

Step 1: Cut Head and Mouth Holes

I first cut the head hole by placing my head inside a pot and using said pot to trace an outline around the base of the globe. I then used an angle grinder to cut the base to the specified size and sanded off all the rough edges. For the mouth hole I used a sharpie to draw out an opening and then used the angle grinder to cut open a hole.

Step 2: Painting or Cloth

I then went outside to spray paint the rest of the head using a tannish color to match Morty's skin color. After setting the head to dry, I sprayed a coat of glossy acrylic sealer on the head to keep the paint on.

"Ugh Morty, I reeeally messed up here"

Since I messed up the paint job on Morty's head by spraying another coat of paint, I decided the best way to cover the blemish is by wrapping the head in cloth and repainting it. This results in more of a Mascot Morty head rather than the chrome finish. Anyways, to attach cloth to head I recommend using spray adhesive to attach the cloth on the head by stretching out the fabric so that there are no overtly visible wrinkles.

Step 3: Mesh and Foam

I cut out some mesh and sprayed some glue inside the head to make it stick and then used some foam sticky to outline the neck. In the end I scrapped the mesh and went straight for opaque plexiglass that I molded by heating it up to 290 F and pressing against part of the head.

Step 4: Morty's Hair

"Look at the big brain on Morty"

Now for one of the more difficult parts of this project. To make Morty's hair I followed the 3D model of Morty's head and attached foam sticky layers to outline his hair. I stacked around three layers of foam sticky layers to make his hair more pronounced. I then used some epoxy to attach the foam sticky to the head since the curves in his hair outline make it difficult to stay on. I then used some "Great Stuff" foam spray to make the filling of his hair which kinda looks like a big brain. I then sanded the dried foam to shaped it to the rest of his head and later applied cloth onto the head using spray adhesive.

Step 5: Fans and Head Mount

I cut out a square hole for a 12v computer fan that does a good job of keeping me cool and spliced some of the wires so it goes into a battery. This battery works well in that it gives around a whole night's worth of power to the lights and fans with a single charge. Afterwards I used some great stuff and cut the construction helmet accordingly to fit the head. The helmet does a good job of keeping the head steady and the great stuff foam keeps it in place.

Step 6: Electronics and Final Product

"Eyes Morty, Eyes"

I soldered some of these leds together to make the eyes in a spiral fashion to do some cool light tricks. I also added a mouth led part but decided to ditch it since it didn't look as good. Overall this project took a good 2 weeks and cost around $100 for everything.

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    4 years ago

    Ha! Very cool and nicely done! :)