Deadpool Mask




In this Instructable i will be showing you how to make a deadpool mask

please keep in mind that i was aiming for a mask somewhere between the movie mask and comic book mask.

sorry i don't have as many pictures. I am posting this after I completed it in September 2015.


Step 1: Tools and Materials:

Some of the "Tools and Materials" that you will need to complete this build are:

Red Fabric of some sort (I used an old red T-shirt)

Metal Mesh of some kind (I used White Diamond shaped mesh) (these will be your eyes so make them white somehow)

a full face Mask (make sure its full face, no cut off tops)

black spray paint

adhesive of some kind (I used Hot Glue)

black thread / needle (sewing machine works fine too)



and other stuff i guess...

Step 2: Step 1: Pattern

So for the first step for this build will be to create a pattern, this will be the pattern of the black parts of the eyes

to create this pattern sketch it out on a piece of paper, make sure to also draw an eye hole in the pattern so that way you can help proportion it to your head size and shape,

Also be sure to make it bigger on the outer parts because those will help to curve and contour to the shapes of the mask.

I personally based my pattern loosely on the mask from the upcoming Deadpool movie that can be seen in the trailer.

i then transferred my paper pattern onto my mask (flipped it over for the other side/ i made mine for the right eye and flipped it for the left eye) as shown in order to see how all the proportions of my pattern compared to my actual head and then i made adjustments to the pattern slightly

after making adjustments to the mask be sure to trace that on to a piece of paper so you can use it later

Step 3: Step 2: Black Mask

In this step you will first paint your mask black (be sure to follow all instructions on your specific paint for drying times/etc.)

after painting and letting it dry for approx. 24hrs you can take your mesh and then cut it into small little squares just big enough to cover the eye hole of the mask.

the reason that i chose to use mesh rather than a sheer white fabric is because it helps the mask vent better and it also gives it a bit more of a comic book like look (dotted art) if you know what eye mean.

From there bend them to shape so they fit comfortably in the mask and then glue them in, I used hot glue for this because it seeps through the holes of the mesh and gives it a really good hold onto the mask.

Step 4: Step 3: Fabric Work


Due to the fact that i originally wasn't planning on making an instructable on this i didn't really take photos of the fabric work.


I used a red t-shirt which after wearing the mask a couple times i most definitely wouldn't recommend.

the t-shirt fabric didn't breath at all so while i was walking through the convention i had to take off my mask every 20 minutes or so because the heat and humidity in it was unbearable.

i would suggest getting a fabric that breaths, has the right color you were looking for, and has a slight amount of stretch

first all i really did was make it into a sleeve that could fit my head into it (not too tight where i couldn't fit a mask into it but tight enough)

(you may notice that it is just a straight sleeve and it won't hug your neck, i didn't do this because i was too lazy and out of time but in the end i will show you how you can fix this)

then from there i sewed up one of the ends at a point on the sleeve that would be able to fit my head and neck + a little extra space

after that i cut one of the corners (the non sewed side) of that sewed bag and sewed it up so it was in a curve ( this will be where your forehead sits (approx.) keep working on the forehead until you are satisfied with it.

from there i laid it flat on the back so that the seam was right in the center underneath the other fabric

i then took my mask and laid it on the fabric and made dots where the eyes are, after that i then traced my eye pattern from step 1 onto the fabric in the position i wanted them (make sure they're no too close and kinda mirroring one another)(use a fabric chalk of some kind that will come off afterward)

from there cut your pattern out of the fabric and leaving a 1/4" perimeter on the inside of the traced line, these will be your "piping", after leaving the 1/4" make relief cuts along the 1/4" perimeter ( I did every corner and one on the curve to make it a bit cleaner looking)

after cutting take the 1/4" piping and tuck it into the sleeve as well as glue it down, this gives you a hard surface to glue to the mask and it also provides with a bit of an outline around the eyes to help with emphasis

Step 5: Step 4: Finale

So now that you have both parts of the mask ready its time to put them together,

but first...

take your paper patten from before and trace it onto the black mask with a light pencil line that you can just barely see.

after tracing, cut off the bottom half of your mask (leave the nose and any traced part but cut off the chin) (helps to speak)

from there get your glue ready to go...

stick your black mask (lets call it part A) into the fabric piece (Part B)

then try your best to align the pencil line in part A with the fabric holes from part B

as you go along and aligning it glue it into place, make sure to apply a lot but also not too much so that it comes oozing out of the piping

after you get all the piping glued onto the mask make sure it dries and that it holds well.

Step 6: Then You're Done!

Congratulations you've done it...

Prior in step 3 i talked about neck retention etc. to solve this problem what i personally did was take a black shoelace and gently wrap around my neck and mask in order to hold it in place, this did well because deadpool actually has a black band around his neck and mask, some alternatives you could do for this method is possibly making your own stretchy black band to go around your neck, or maybe even a girls headband could do well, jut make sure its not too tight around your neck, you may look like deadpool but it doesn't mean you have his power... yet...



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    11 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Deadpool is my favourite marvel movie and his mask is best .


    3 years ago

    I would advise using a mat black spray paint to give it a more leather look, or go the extra mile and use black pleather but as others have said following the sewing lines of the actual mask helps for a cleaner look and cutting it up lets you fold the seam around the eyes. Still good take on it. cutting the lower jaw off the mask too would give you good movement so people can see you talk. Cause we all know how the Merc likes to mouth off.

    paul the maker

    3 years ago

    i recon mend putting the fabric a bit to big around the eyes and sew a seem on it will make it look neater and more like the real mask also you shold make the profile picture the actal modle other wise a they good instuctions thumbs up


    3 years ago

    Great strategy for making this work.


    3 years ago

    Nice work. My only recommendation would be to look at where the seams are on the movie mask and use the same placement for your red fabric. It will allow the fabric to confirm to the shape of the head better. You could also spray paint the mesh white to look like the eyes of the original.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Never mind about the eyes... I guess my short term memory is going faster than I thought...