Decking on Top of Pallets





Introduction: Decking on Top of Pallets

Step 1: Levelling

1st off all i measured up the size off patio i was going to deck and worked out that for my size 8 euro pallets (1.2 x 0.8) fitted great. I called in to a warehouse and got 9 for free. Extra pallet for step. I worked out i needed 18 lengths of decking. I then started to level out the pallets. I used broken bits off paving flags and roof tiles for leveling. After i was happy with the position of pallets i used some bits of 4x2's to braze each pallet together.

Step 2: Start Decking

I put the front length on 1st then the right hand side on to finish the coner off.
After that i lay length after length down and used a thick screwdriver to keep a nice gap between the deck.
I used 2" deck screws to secure the wood

Step 3: Step

I cut the left over pallet in half and decked around it to make a step into the caravan

Step 4: Little Fence

We have an ugly bank at the end of our patio so i made a little fence to hide it and filled behind it with soil

Step 5: Few Flowers

I planted a few flowers around the edge and we are almost done. Just got to leave it to dry out and paint a nice oil over it for protection. All in it cost £190 for the decking and screws and took around 7hrs start to finish.



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    Beautiful, Functional, and Do-able! Thanks for sharing, I can definitely see this as a project that I (64 yo woman) can accomplish for my RV.