Decorative Acyrlic Keychains

These key chains can be great gifts for individuals or groups.  They can be given as personal pieces or mementos. 

2 different colors of acrylic.  The greater the contrast the better they will look.
Acrylic cement.. Weld-on #3.
Fine tip squeeze bottle.
Epilog 60watt laser
TechShop's "Laser Cutting and Etching SBU".

This was made at TechShop Detroit.

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Step 1:

1. You need to choose your letters or abbreviation. The few the letters the better.  3 works great with this template.

2. Create the template in CorelDraw for the key chain shape and the chosen letters.  I alternated the rows so that I can make 2 different color combinations. I created a raster image of the letters on the base of the key chain so that when I place the letters I know they are aligned and in the best location.

3. Make sure the appropriate settings are set in your template.  See the TechShop "Laser Cutting and Etching SBU" for reference.

Step 2:

Run an raster path first then run a full pass with raster and vector cuts. This step will take a while so be prepared.

When this step is done pull the acrylic out and collect all your pieces.  Now time to glue them together.  This part will also take time. Give it 24 hours before they are 100% ready. 

Step 3:

Put on key rings and give away or sell.

Good for school, sorority, initials, special dates, etc. 



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