Decorative Paper Pillow

This pillow is very unique. It's a decorative cool paper pillow. You can add your own beauty and creativity to it

For this wonderful craft you will need:

2 pieces of paper (size doesn't matter)

Tape (or stapler)


Crayons or marker (or something to draw with)

Step 1:

Take your two pieces of paper and draw something on them

Step 2:

Then tape (or staple) all of your papers while there together except one area of your papers

Step 3:

Start to gently stuff Kleenex in your paper pillow

Step 4:

Then tape the open side where you put in the Kleenex tape it shut

Then your done you paper is ready to fill your home with creativity!! Ps. By the this is my first craft.



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    5 years ago

    Nice job lola