Decorative Straps From Inner Tubes

Introduction: Decorative Straps From Inner Tubes

So, I've been experimenting with bicycle inner tubes and in this instructable I want to share one thing I have thought of, and then tryed, and liked it.

I'm going to show how you can easyly turn used bicycle inner tubes into two types of decorative straps, that can be used in costume making or for different other porpouses.

Step 1:

So, to begin, take your inner tube in your hand tube and take one long disgusted look at it: how flat and not decorated it is.

Then cut the valve section off.

With round hole punch punch a series of holes in one line through the lenght of the tube. Left some areas hole-free at the ends if planning to attach buckles or rings. The hole punch I'm using is 12mm in diameter, and it fits most of those I have. Aim for the holes being somewhat like 1/3 of the width of the tube. Also I'm using two of my fingers (simmultaniously) as a spacer.

Step 2:

Secure one end of the tube on something stable with holes facing up. It'll make things a bit more convenient.

Now take the free end and pull it through the nearest free opening. Pull untill all the loop goes through the hole and tube gets aligned into straight piece again. Repeat with all remaining holes. Make sure you're pulling the free end from one side each time: top or down, nommater what exactly.

Step 3:

In result you'll get a strap that looks like this. It has different pattern on "front" and "back" side, so you can choose which one you want: they both are quiet nice.

This strip doesn't feel to strong on stretching, so I'm suggesting using it mostly for decorative porpouses.

Step 4:

And this is what you'll get if on weaving alternate the top and down sides for pulling the free end through.

It'll probably look quiet messy and uneven in the process, but keep going with it till the end. To align everything neatly use this trick I've discovered. Step with one foot on one end of the strap, pull the other end back (up) with hand and let it free. Aim for it to smack at the floor. Repeet few times, then change to the other and and repeet few times with it. After this procedurethe whole thing pretty much will align itself.

This strap feels more durable on stretching and has less floppy, compact overall structure, so I can recommend using it for a dog leash or, maybe, a bungee cord.

Step 5:

So this is it for this project. I have one similar trick to do with inner tubes in mind. I'll share the results in another tutorial in acse of success. Also, if you liked this project, take a minute to visit my page for more of my previous inner tube projects and, maybe, follow me for upcoming ones.

Thanks for your attention, and my Facebook page.

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