Design and Assemble a Wheelchair Lever Arm: Double Ratchet

Instructions on how to build part of the wheelchair lever arm in solidworks for this project:

Step 1: Create a Sketch of the Ratchet Shape on the Front Plane

Make a rough sketch of the part by using the line and arc tools. The line tool is used to create the shape of the teeth while the arc gives the ratchet length and curvature. Use the mirror tool to make the sketch exactly symmetrical.

Step 2: Use "Extrude Boss" to Extrude the Base 20mm

Step 3: Create a Reference Plane for the Teeth

Create a reference plane on the top side of the ratchet and draw a rectangle. The points of the rectangle should connect the inner corners of the two arcs and be large enough to extend the length of the tooth.

Step 4: "Extrude Cut" the Rectangle 10mm Downwards

Repeat this step on the other side of the ratchet but draw the rectangle on the original plane and extrude cut upwards 10mm.

Step 5: Create a 5mm Diameter Hole on the Same Reference Plane in the Center of the Ratchet, and Sketch a 5x5mm Square on the Far Right Side of the Ratchet

Step 6: "Extrude Cut" the Circle All the Way Through the Part, and "Extrude Cut" the Square 5mm Into the Ratchet

Step 7: History Tree



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