Designing 3D Print Cookie Cutter in TinkerCad




Introduction: Designing 3D Print Cookie Cutter in TinkerCad

About: Aaron Maurer is currently serving as STEM Lead for the Mississippi Bend AEA and the Founder of a non profit called 212 STEAM Labs, Inc. Prior to this he served as an Instructional Coach for Bettendorf Middle...

This tutorial will help anyone looking to get started with making a cookie cutter design in Tinkercad. Super easy and super awesome. Please share any new designs you create and give a thumbs up if you found this helpful.

Reach out to me at @coffeechugbooks and my website as well as my nonprofit

Step 1:

Login/Create your Tinkercad account.

Step 2:

Click Create New Designs

Step 3:

Move Options to Symbols

Step 4:

Choose the Star and drag to screen

Step 5:

Click a corner of the star

Step 6:

Hold down SHIFT and drag to a size of about 76x72 mm

Step 7:

Click square in middle and reduce height to 2 mm

Step 8:

We need 3 copies of this shape so use CMD or CTRL + D to duplicate two times to create two more copies

Step 9:

Make Star #1 4 mm larger to 80 x 76 x 2

Step 10:

Make Star #2 15 mm in height but leaving other dimensions the same 76x72x15

Step 11:

Make Star #3 2 mm smaller but taller in height to 73x70x20 AND make a Hole

Step 12:

Select all 3 Stars

Step 13:

Align Stars

Step 14:

Group all 3 stars

Step 15: Video Instructions and .stl File

Print your file and make cookies!

Step 16:

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute way to make your own custom cookies :)