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To be able to remove clutter from my desk, and be able to more easily work on electronics projects, I needed a way to be able to hold my solder spool above the work piece that I soldered.

The holder I came up with is this PPR pipe rack that is extremely easy to be built and it is very cheap as well.

Step 1: Materials for the Solder Rack

Above my desk I already have a shelf to accommodate my external monitor so I wanted to make something that will be mounted under it. For the materials, I used a piece of a PPR water pipe with two PPR holding clips for mounting pipes to the wall.

Step 2: Assembly of the Solder Rack

I’ve attached the clips about 10 cm from the ends and applied a piece of double sided foam adhesive to each of the clips. Since the rack will not hold a lot of weight, the tape will be sufficient to hold it in place. If you need to add more weight to it, then you can use screws to attach it.

The attaching process is very simple where I just stick it to the front of the shelf.

Step 3: How to Use It

To add the solder spool, you can easily detach the pipe from the clips, slide the solder or wire spool and then attach the pipe back to the clips. Both ends of the pipe are exposed so you can additional add something there temporarily while you are working.

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    Reply 4 months ago

    That might work as well. Since the pipe is quite long, I've expanded the use of it to also hold electrical tape as spools of thin wire that I use. It is quite versatile.


    4 months ago

    I like it! Simple with lots of options (not so much colour i.e grey or white lol) and some tubes can be "nested" for smaller diameters; some pipe clips have a return so that the circle can be closed with a cable tie or wire which would stop any chance of the whole lot falling down!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 months ago

    Thanks! I guess you can always paint over the pipes so the limited color options can be expanded.